Custodes Project Allarus: Complete

This took a lot longer than expected. In part because I was working on a tutorial since people have asked me for my airbrushing based method of doing metallics on the Adeptus Custodes.

But without further delay, I finally finished them last night even after the Shield Captain head disaster.

Allarus Prot Completed Group 1

Everybody smile… we got Daemons to slay.


I don’t think I’ve ever spent this amount of time on 6 dudes, but at the same time I was trying to some new techniques… on the power weapons for instance which I did enjoy and have a darker appearance in person.


Allarus Prot Completed SC 3-1


The Banner was a lot of fun, very time consuming to finish the metallic highlighting, but it’s a very nice sculpt.


Allarus Prot Completed Banner1


The backs of the robes looked nice with white contrast to me… so I stuck with that.

Allarus Prot Completed Back Close 3-1

And of course we have the shield captain:

Allarus Prot Completed SC1

See how angry this guy is? He’s killed a lot of stuff on behalf of the Emperor… a zoom in:


Allarus Prot Completed SC Close1

See this forehead piercing? I’ve seen a lot of stuff, I’ve rolled a lot of 6’s on the table, and I’ve slayed a lot of Daemons


I’ve zoomed in a lot on this picture to show the contrast in skin tones (which is really easy to do and I do have a mini-tutorial on it linked at the beginning of this post). And the contrast in the metallics. Going from a deep brown/purple, up to some silver metallics.

Thanks for checking this out.

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