A Quick Rundown of the New Imperial Knights: Some Combo’s to consider.

With the Knights out in mere days I wanted to see what appealed from the Mechanicus angle. That is to say we’re taking a quick look at some of the combo’s in the ‘Mechanicus Aligned’ Houses.

First off is the one everyone is familiar with House Taranis.

Admech Knight2

A Taranis Knight Commission I painted up.

To me Taranis talks to the Death Guard player in me. It’s definitely the tankiest of the Houses.  You could say raw Knight firepower is enough, and you’d be saving 2 CP’s for the resurrection.  This House favours the larger (Dominus) Knights to me because rotate shields is too expensive here. And the resurrection gets the most mileage with your expensive knights of course.


The idea of a Knight getting back up (as long as it didn’t explode!) on a 4+ with D3 wounds is huge. Add in 1 CP to use “Machine Spirit” to get top row (non-degraded) performance and that’s pretty potent no matter how you slice it.

Next up I like the looks of Krast.


Krast is geared towards Close combat. No one likes getting hit in the face with a Wal-Mart.

House Krast appeals to me on a Death Grip level (Death Grip is such a fun looking Strategem!). House rules let us re-roll all to hit in CC (whether charged, or being charged) and the 2 CP Full Tilt let’s you charge if you advanced. And I love the Krast specific fight phase Strategem (Controlled Aggression) which turns 6’s to hit into 2 hits…. that’s better than generating extra attacks which Chaos has with Death to the False Emperor.

This brings a basic knight into Knightmare status if he can get in to a juicy target. You’d think other Knights could clear the chaff for him. The problem is as described above, this is a 4 CP one turn trick, but what a trick. The fourth CP comes from Death Grip which basically allows you an extra attack causing D3 Mortal Wounds, and then converts into a mini-game where you add a D6 to your strength, and your opponent does the same. Compare results; if he wins, he escapes further wrath. If you win? Choke him out! Who doesn’t want to stand in front of a Riptide and wring its neck?

At this point I have to say Raven really appeals to me on a House Specific Stratagem level.


Raven was featured in the Forgebane Box set. And the rules look good!

(If you haven’t seen it, I’ve done a very quick ‘how to’ tutorial on getting your Armigers on the table quickly here: How to Get Your Armiger Warglaive Knights Ready for Battle… Quickly

House Raven doesn’t sound terribly potent as a house rule: Advance and shoot Assault weapons as normal, and shoot Heavy Weapons as if they are Assault Weapons.


That’s pretty good in itself, but I think they have one of the top Stratagems in the codex all to themselves: Order of Companions. This allows you to select a target, and re=roll ALL 1’s until the end of the shooting phase. That could literally mean everything. The amount of random dice shots, the ‘to wound’ rolls. Combining this with Battle Cannons, and any other “D6” guns could be huge. This gels quite nicely with their Relentless Advance House Tradition.


I also think Vulker does make a good argument for getting the most out of the high volume shooting choices, army wide:


Vulker excels at high volume, close range firepower.

I think Vulker is a good place for my Crusader Knight builds. Get in close, and use that Re-roll of 1’s built into the House. Then clear chaff with it. Remember although you select all of your targets at once, the closest target is dynamic. I’m pretty sure this means ‘the closest’ unit changes if you clear out pesky chaff squads in front of your desired targets.

Add in Vulker’s unique Saturation Bombardment for a single Command Point and you have exploding 6’s. Every 6 converts into an extra hit. Combined with re-rolling 1’s on closest targets, and that’s pretty good.

Divinus Veridian and Imperator Domus1

My Crusader Knight may find a nice home with Vulker!

So in summary I think Taranis is going to be huge for CP farm addicts, but it won’t be the most offensive. They clearly are the most survivable with a 6++ “Feel No Pain” roll against any non Mortal Wound Damage.

Krast is all about getting in close with their House rule, but generic strats that have anything to do with Close Combat are going to be great with them. Death Grip, and fighting twice in the fight phase (after you charge!) is going to be able to clean out just about anything in the game.

The mobility award goes to Raven with a great move-shoot mechanic. And with their stratagem they probably will be the highest volume shooter in the codex. No only does this gel well with the existing Crusader Knight but the Castellan with Plasma Decimator (2D6 shots), and Volcano Lance (1D6) looks really potent with this stratagem. Replace your Avenger Gatling Cannon with the Relic: “Endless Fury” with 14 shots and exploding shots on 6’s… wow.

Vulker is that inbetween House that seems to be less popular out of the gates. Most Knights are often not shooting the closest target, but the exploding 6 stratagem is cheap and can be used for any weapon fired in the shooting phase on a Knight. It’s something you can easily use on multiple Knights throughout the game, and over the course of a game can make a real difference.

So far it’s looking good for Taranis and I really like House Raven for the flexibility. Lots of good stuff here for everyone.

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