Death Guard Army Sale Gallery

This should be a good spot for me to put up some good gallery shots of my Death Guard for reference purposes. Throughout the months I’ve spread the army shots all over the place as ‘WIP’s’ or projects so feel free to search my Blog and you may find some works in progress as well.

For now, here’s what the army looks like:


Here’s the simple Nurgle Detachment consisting of 3 squads of Nurglings and 2 Poxbringer HQ’s:

Nurgle Detachment

Nurgle Battalion

HQ’s and Characters:

DG Special Characters

Tallyman, Biologus, Plaguecaster, Blightspawn, Plague Surgeon, Typhus and Blightbringer!

Prot Plaguecatser 1

If the stick in his hand doesn’t say “I mean business”, the fart blowing will!

Prot Blightbringe Plaguecaster Tallyman

Fart blower, Math creep, and Bell dude. or Plague Caster, Tallyman and Blightbringer. Whichever you prefer.

Game 2 DG vs Aeldari 3 Give me your soulstones

Daemon Prince with Wings

Mort +Typhus

Typhus up close

mort Typhus Flies

Typhus Cloud of Flies (Destroyer Hive)



The 20 Poxwalkers… poxing stuff.

Prots First 5 Death Guard3

Some of the Plaguemarines.

Prot DG character group shot1

The Plaguecaster, Blightbringer, and Tallyman keep the masses functioning for Mortarion and Typhus.


2 Blightlaunchers, 1 Plasmagun, Flail, Fist champ w/Plasma and a lot of bad body odor make up these 13 Plaguemarines.


DG Blightlords

5 Blightlords. 2 combimelta (interchangeable) and a Flail and Blightlauncher.

DG vs Allarus

Another shot of the Blightlords with the Plasma attachments.

Mort + Bodyguard close1

Mortarion’s Darkshroud Bodyguard

Mort + Bodyguard1

Mort chillin’ with the boys.


Bloat drone challenge1

2 Spitter drones and a Fleshmower drone. (Bases are finished in new pics)

Bloat drone challenge back 2

Do these turbines make my butt look big?

Plagueburst crawlers magnetized.JPG

2 Plagueburst Crawlers with magnetized side sponsons.



A mixed shot of units in this army (ignored the red winged DP).



The weapon load out for the 2 Plagueburst crawlers.

Prot 3 Blight Haulers1.JPG

The 3 Blighthaulers!

Some Various shots of the Death Guard:


Some of the main characters will be in laser cut foam.

Full army shot.JPG

Full army shot.

Mort + Bodyguard Wing Spread

Back of Mortarion and Bodyguard.

Mort +full front

Mortarion Close up.

Mortarion + Crew

Several of the large units together.

I have many more pics throughout this blog. Please feel free to look at previous posts!

Thank you.


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