Hobby Update: Custodes II, Valoris Completed, and Death Guard Depart.

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks but if you’re reading this it’s for the hobby content, so let’s get right into it.

Sadly I’ll start with the sale of the Death Guard. It did not take long to sell them, but I find it hard to let something go you’ve worked on for a really good amount of time. I honestly don’t know how “commission painters” do it on a regular basis.

Onto the new projects we have my restart of the Custodes! How could I possibly do this?

Well I really enjoyed putting extra effort into that army, and playing it. When I restarted it I wanted to put more effort into the golds, and adding more ‘pop’ to the none metallics as well, and see if I could get an even better result this time.

So I started with three bikes:

bikes magnets Valoris etc starting over

This time the bikes are all magnetized.

From here I wanted to finalize my approach on golds using more ‘purple’ hues than before, and bring the brights to a nearly ‘blonde’ type of gold.

As I’ve been working on the Bikes, I have put a lot of time into Trajann Valoris and he’s finally done after several weeks of working on and off with him:

Prot40k Valoris

I think this Valoris did manage to turn out better than the first.

Valoris is a big challenge. Doing him right, without going too far with the armour is challenging. I wanted to give his base a more dynamic OSL treatment as well.

Prot40k Valoris 5

I think everywhere this dude walks, the floor pretty much lights up around him.

Prot40k Valoris 3

No Lions were injured during the painting of this fig!

I went a slightly different route with the Axe this time, going closer to a ‘crackling’ lightning technique.  Also the Lion’s head got more attention this time.

Prot40k Valoris 4

A super zoom in shows ‘feathering’ for texture.

Working with various sand type colours I wanted to explore bringing out the furry texture of the Lion’s head.

Prot40k Valoris 2

Valoris’ cape can be time consuming.

I find his cape can be a bit time consuming. There’s a lot of repair work to it as well I find. Comfort can be found in the liquid green stuff. (Not drinking it, but working with it!)

So a different approach on the face, and feathers going with more purples, and browns in general.

Prot40k Valoris feathers



An extreme Close up… perhaps… too distorted.

So the big man is done. I’m really happy with him overall and I took my time to tie in tutorials on this fig describing most of the steps.

Adeptus Custodes Easy Airbrush Tutorial

Alternate Face Painting Method: A look at the Vallejo Face paint line.

I hope to have a simple, easy to use method up on his axe as well.

Thank you for reading!

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