Deathwatch Gallery Update: Limited Captain, Watchmaster and Inceptor

Just a quick update…. as you can see my Deathwatch WIP table is crammed so I had to get some serious work done!


Uhg, where to start?

With such a massive to do pile (this is literally about half of it) I decided to do a few of the fun pieces that I like. Converting box set (Dark Imperium) Inceptors and Hellblasters was a bit awkward. (more on that later) But for now I wanted to spend about a month or two working on Characters, so that’s what I did.

First off I needed to get one Inceptor done for a game. The black armour was a recipe I’ve been working on for a very long time, using green/blue inks, and off whites to create some depth and more interesting colour spectrum (you can see some of this airbrushed into some of the WIP’s above.)

Then I went to town on the Inceptor:

Prots Bolt Inceptor.JPG

A slightly damaged Inceptor, ready for Xenos-cleansing duty!

Prots Bolt Inceptor2.JPG

A different angle.

Then the Watchmaster… a very long time project. I kept putting him down and re-doing some things until I felt I liked him enough for the project:

Prots Watchmaster front 2.JPG

Watchmaster… watching…?

Prots Watchmaster side top.JPG

Maethos of the Imperial Fists.

Prots Watchmaster front 1

I tried to keep a ‘traditional’ look to the Guardian Spear.

Prots Watchmaster side

With this guy done I felt it was time to finish off that limited model I wanted to use as a Deathwatch Captain with Meltagun Fist, and Stormbolter. It’s a fantastic sculpt and in my mind the Deathwatch was the perfect place for him.

Prots limited Deathwatch Capt Front 3.JPG

It took a lot of work to make that black armour look a little more interesting.

Prots limited Deathwatch Capt side.JPG

Theilios of the Ultramarines, now permanently seconded to Deathwatch.

Prots limited Deathwatch Capt back.JPG

The Gauntlet is an excellent add on. Too bad I didn’t take a better picture of it!

Prots limited Deathwatch Capt Front

Although it doesn’t show the glowing skull on top, this is the best pic I have of the gauntlet. A really fun model to paint.

Thanks for checking out this update. Although it’s only three finished models, these were a few months in the making for me, and you just reach a point when you have to move on and call them done!

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