Grey Knight Photo Gallery

2 new Strike

Well it’s been a long time for me with the Grey Knights. This is my second iteration of them and I’ve recently finished some new editions. It’s very likely this is going to end up on eBay as I just don’t have the time to keep adding to the force.

It’s a fun army to paint, and in my opinion it’s still one of the most dynamic and characterful to play!


The entire painted army.

9 Troops

The Strike Squads are pretty flexible now with Stormbolter clearing power, and deep strike. I enjoyed adding some Slaanesh and Thousand Sons bits to these bases.

6 Terms 1 Apoth 1.JPG

Terminators/Paladins. Always a cornerstone to Grey Knights.

6 Terms 1 Apoth

The same squad… 2 of the Termies I magnetized the heavy weapons just in case.

Termie weapon magnetized

I did not magnetize other options as this always seems to be the go to for these guys!

Apothecary 1

A closer shot of  the Apothecary. He has been a great unit this edition.

Dread Rhino.JPG

I didn’t put the Razorback together, but managed to make it work for the army.

Dread Rhino2

I still love the Doomglaive Dreadnought.


Purifiers with a slightly unique look.

Stormraven 1

The Stormraven. A pretty big staple in a lot of GK armies.

Stormraven 2

The Hurricane Bolters are fixed, but the missile launcher and Assault cannons are press fit (shown on the base).

GK HQ shot

The Grey Knight Iconic HQ choices.

Draigo Front

An old favorite; Draigo.

Draigo Back

For an older model, Draigo still looks great. “Hero” style basing helps too.


The Librarian has a magnetized right hand…. laying on the ground. 🙂


Voldus was a pleasure to paint. He’s my favorite in the line right now.


Voldus has the whole look, books, a special hammer, iconography…what more could you need to hunt daemons?


Voldus is a great sculpt that makes me wish Games Workshop would add to the line up!


Nemesis Dreadknights…

NDKs 2

Now with Brother-Captain HQ options. I personally love these models.


The “extras”. I just never got to finishing these guys. The backpacks are lightly magnetized, and allow for swapping between Strikes or Interceptors.



So that’s the entire painted Grey Knight force. It’s so hard to find time for these guys I’d consider selling, but a big part of me wants to keep them. I have such a long history with them…. I’m not sure what I would add at this point… any suggestions?

Thanks for checking out the giant Grey Knight post. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.



  • Hello, I really liked how you did the steel grey on the armor, with lighter highlights. I am new to 40k and trying to learn the basics, before diving in to hand painting my GK models. Did you prime in black? and then what base? I am leaning as a test towards priming in a dark grey, and then basecoat with leadbelcher, followed by something else as a wash. I just don’t want to end up with too shiny, as I prefer a more ancient look to their armour.

    Anyways, any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Wish you had a tutorial, or a paint list/ guide

    ~ GT


    • Thanks for the comment. To be honest that is my second or third Grey Knight army and the process has changed a lot over the years. For line troopers I often use the GW Leadbelcher spray can. I typically air brush a lot so using the brigher metallics on the top – down layers is often something I do, but if you want to retain a worn or aged look, the washes will help. The Nuln Oil wash is definitely nice but there’s a trick to it. You have to really watch for pooling. Don’t get the Nuln Oil “Gloss” wash or it will still leave a large shine to your figure. I actually mix Guilliman ink into my top most highlights, but for that ‘aegis’ glow I enjoy using a bit of watered down blue ink in the top crevaces of shoulder pads, etc. I definitely recommend a few test models. Your own methods will change over time too. Have fun with it!


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