Custodes Project Redux: Vertus Praetor (bikes) 2.0 (Magnetized)

I decided to rebuild the Custodes army I just sold. I realize the second time around some minor tweaks I wanted to do to improve the appearance a little more. A lot of this stuff I also committed to my redux of Trajann Valoris which you can see here if you’re interested: Hobby Update: Custodes II, Valoris Completed, and Death Guard Depart.

In this iteration I also decided to go deep into magnetization for the ultimate in transport since those lance arms are a little unwieldy and can take up a lot of space, not to mention the damage potential.

All 3 new bikes

3 Vertus Praetors fully magnetized.

These models are just amazing. I love all Custodes models, but I do find if you want to do a really decent job they can be quite the process to paint.

All 3 bikes magnetized.JPG

Magnets on bases, and magnets on bikes, as well as the lance arms.

I love what the magnets allow. There’s a chance they could come off the stands, but some glue is an easy fix. The arms are so much easier to pose/transport this way as well.

3 bikes

Close up of the engine vents and lance blades.

Many of the venting is showing a purple ‘chemical’ burn. The lance blades show glwing energy stemming from the nodule tracing coming from the main handle.

prot bikes screen details.JPG

Vertus Praetor screens are great for navigation as well as streaming Netflix!

The bases are from games workshop bases sector imperialis collection. I’ve added a bit of life to those as well with some soft glows, and rustic, aging.

All 3 new bikes side

Bases and exhaust ports with more glowing action!

These take a fair amount of additional time to complete compared to Custodes 1.0 but I’m really happy with the added tones to the golds, and small details on the weapons, bases, etc. The magnets make them far less awkward to transport as well.

Thanks for checking this out!


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