Kill Team and Deathwatch Update: Miss-fits Unite!

Kill team has been proving to be pretty popular here, and I’m sure wherever you are too. There’s something very attractive about the mechanics; the you go/I go structure, the speed of a squad based game, and the overall aesthetic that allows a lot of ‘undesirables’ to be fielded in a game that gives them a chance of success.

Long story short; it’s fun to use a bunch of stuff that really isn’t so great in 40K, and it all shines in Kill Team!

KT Missfits

Handflamer? check. Infernus Heavy Bolter? Check. Primaris? Check. Miss-fits Assemble! 

So far I’ve enjoyed my games, and tried a lot of factions. This has motivated me to pull out some Deathwatch and keep going on my 8th edition project….

DW progress

Here’s a sample of some of the 8th edition add ons to my Deathwatch.

Back to Kill Team: I decided to field a few Kill Teams and I’ve really enjoyed the Reiver in my Ultramarines so tonight I decided to plop one in along side a Black Shield in my small, but ever so Xenos-hating Deathwatch Kill Team.


DW KIllteam

Here is the Kill team I used last night: Note the Black Shield on the far right! He was a super star.

They proved brutally effective. Better than my other kill teams? Hard to say really as they all feel effective so far. I wouldn’t even say my list is optimal. I’m still in that phase of wanting to try as many options as possible.


Multiplayer board

Here’s a multi player double-wide board I set up.

So for fun we decided to do a few Multiplayer games. I will warn you these aren’t entirely balanced. We played Take Prisoners (or something like that) and it’s just good fun and a very good opportunity for multiple people to learn the rules.

This board is simply two of the box set cardboard mats pushed together, the terrain from the same box and a bunch of pieces I had on hand from Armageddon.  Even crates are very useful in Kill Team.

DW vs Tau Multi

Late Game Action: Deathwatch sneak up on some heinous Tau Xenos hiding in ruins.

I had captured a Genestealer but orders were out to make sure I came back to the Watch Fortress with supper as well… hmm what goes well with Genestealer ribs? I know… FISH!

DW bashing in a genestealer

A Genestealer takes the bait: The Black Shield hops out with potato masher in hand. Surprise!

So the Black Shield with Maul/Shield was really good. As a “Combat” Specialist he had an extra attack and I admit my dice were especially hot here as the Genestealer went down as he was overwhelmed and outnumbered.

Ultra KT.JPG

My Ultramarines Kill Team receive battle honours.

So my Ultra’s have had a few good games and I thought it was time to take the core of the team and give them some Kill Team honour markings. Can you tell what they are?


Ultra KT markings

A closer look at the Honour Markings.

Upon closer inspection we can see this team has been awarded with a ‘sword’ icon commemorating their swift and decisive action in a covert Kill Team operation. The leader of this campaign also received a gold bar.

I hope you’re getting some time to try this game out. I highly recommend it. And the side benefit of getting to use some… less than stellar 40K units like I mentioned above, is just icing on the cake. My Deathwatch are certainly enjoying the increased Xenos meal plan!

Thanks for checking this out.  May all of your kills be Xenos!


  • I gotta say your minis look AMAZING!

    I’m putting together a Deathwatch Kill Team myself and I hope they will work well.

    I’ve yet to play them, but my team consists of:
    – 1 x Sgt with power sword (Leader)
    – 1 x Black shield with power sword (Combat)
    – 1 x Gunner with Infernus Heavy Bolter (Heavy)
    – 1 x Marine with Stalker Pattern Bolter (Sniper)
    – 2 x Marines with Deathwatch Shotguns

    I’ve discovered something that may be a bit of OP move, but if you make your infernus heavy bolter a sniper specialist instead of a heavy specialist, for 1cp you can use the Hellfire Shell Deathwatch Tactic meaning you get 1 attack which does D3 mortal wounds if it hits, and being a sniper means he can re-roll 1s. For 1 more cp the sniper tactic lets you add 1 to hit rolls, so for 2cps you’re pretty much guaranteeing an average of 2 mortal wounds per turn.

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    • Hi Craig, thanks for the compliment! Yes that combo does work, but I will tell you that higher damage weapons are extremely potent. Mortal wounds don’t have quite the punch in Kill Team that they do in 40K. It’s a great combo though, and just having that Heavy Flamer is great for taking on bunches of infantry hiding in cover. Good luck with your new team.


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