New Deathwatch Kill Team Releases!

Just a very quick update because I’ve been waiting with baited breath for this one…

Deathwatch have been spotted in the release rotation for Kill Team. As we know every race is getting their own box set which basically follows the pattern of:

  • A Squad of your faction’s Kill Team.
  • A Set of Terrain pieces which come with their own rules and ‘Strategems’ for the accompanying scenario.
  • The big one for me: A set of Faction Specific Strategems for Kill Team.
  • Faction specific punch out card to show actions and wounds on your Kill Team. (I find this to be more and more useful as so many people have the base box set, it’s very easy to get your markers mixed up!)
  • Finally we have a NEW set of Dice specific to Deathwatch. Thankfully this is a simple, LEGIBLE design. So many people at tournaments complain about dice, but there’s no excuse here. The icons are clear, and the “6” is replaced by the iconic  symbol of the Inquisition.


WHFestLiveBlog-August18-Deathwatch-KT Box

Here’s the full meal deal for Kill Team including bizzaro world trees! Don’t eat the fruit of those trees, they’ll give you the trots for a week!

The punch card is distinct, and more of what we’ve seen, and we see a scenario aptly called, “The Cull”.

I tried zooming into the dice:


Deathwatch Kill Team Dice! 

We see the Kill Team “1 ” in the upper left corner of D6’s and the Deathwatch “6” in the lower right.

It looks good, and as someone who owns the original, limited Deathwatch Dice, I can tell you there’s always a little confusion on what you rolled (usually by your opponent). I don’t think the original Deathwatch Dice are -that- hard to read but at a tournament it’s nice to have clear dice that your opponent can clearly see.

I’m looking forward to this release. Hopefully we see Thousand Sons, and Death Guard soon, as well as the Factions you’re looking forward to. It seems they all get their own dice!

Death to the heinous Xenos!


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