Kill Team (General Projects) Update:

Well not a huge update this time but some good hobby time spent on various projects. I got some good time in on the Ultramarines, Death Guard, Adeptus Mechanicus, and Deathwatch!

Lots of games were played but I’m sure you’d rather just see the pictures instead of my blathering on about how Necrons appear to have the most insane “strategem” of the game (Mind Shackle Scarabs are just how they sound… pretty darn scary).

I would compare Mind Shackle Scarabs to that look your wife gets after she just spent 20 minutes telling you how her day went and you tell her you weren’t listening….. something like that. Unfortunately my wife does not need to beat my leadership value on 2D6 in order to beat my arse. 🙂


AM team

Here’s my AdMech Team: Cawl’s Bawlers! Watch out, if their bionics don’t get you, the sound of them powering down will!

Anyway a few quick games were had and I have to admit AdMech appears really hard so far… that or I’m just not playing them correctly compared to my Deathwatch, Ultramarines, and Death Guard which all seem fairly flexible, yet resilient.

AM milling Necrons

I don’t see any Necrons do you? Let’s say they didn’t make it out and call it a day….

Necrons are resilient, though apparently limited in scope, but I had experience on my side. To be honest my Admech were getting shut down hard, I had lost several members, my Arquebus couldn’t hit a barn, and my team broke by Turn 3. I had 2 turns of just hoping I could rack up points (which I did) and won quite convincingly but I still think it’s simply because I played the scenario.


Next up – Stinky. Deadly. Lethargic. No these aren’t the names of my Death Guard kill team instead I would describe this as how the Death Guard are playing. They are extremely flexible, and resilient. Poxwalkers are usable in different ways but in this team I decided to have the screen the Plague Spewer while my Gunner with Blight Launcher got off “Nurgle’s Blessing” in T1 to become +1 to hit and to wound. Wow. He’s a beast. Plus the Flail… wow the flail is amazing.

DG shifting about

Death Guard strategy: Grab a Poxwalker, hug him, advance. Shoot, rinse, repeat!

Again I played Necrons but the difference here compared to my AdMech is night and day. Here’s the funny thing: in this game I had so many overkills with the Flail dude, that I actually resurrected a Necron 3 (THREE) times in one game! And I thought I was the one that was supposed to look dead, then fumble back up to continue fighting?!?!

For those who don’t know Necron reanimation rolls kick in on an injury result roll of an unmodified ‘6’ and I looked it up… when you roll multiple damage dice you have to take the highest result.

Hobby Time:

I worked on a lot of little things and felt a lot of love for the Deathwatch so I did a lot with them specifically but I’ll save that for a larger post, but here’s a teaser:

Airbrish sequence 1

I get asked a fair amount about how I do my ‘blacks’ for stuff like this. I hope to show more later.

And here is the work I finished on my Admech which was way overdue, but thanks to Kill Team it motivated me to finish, and fully base these guys:


Sicaran Infiltrators ready to rumble.

And finally I thought it would be nice to part with a shot for my Space Wolves friends. This is one of my favourite pieces from the Burning of Prospero set:

Front side 2

Front close


Thank you for checking this out. As always I appreciate the time and feedback.

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