Thousand Sons: Ahriman, Decimator and Kill Team Hobby Update

It’s been a few days since an update and while I’ve been still working on a lot of projects I really haven’t finished much.

I’m still slowly plodding away on Admech, Custodes, and even the Deathwatch still but the project I’ve been really enjoying is the Thousand Sons.

Ahriman has taken me a very long time. I would do him in 2 hour sessions over a month or two. I finally decided to call him ‘done’ last night.

Ahriman 1

Here he is… Chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons on his disk of Tzeentch.

I should have taken more pics of the robe but I think you get the idea. The Robe took me a few weeks before I started to touch the main body.

Ahriman 2

Enter a caption

Ahriman Right

I also started a Kill Team for the Thousand Sons considering they actually function pretty well and can be competitive against most things I’ve come up against.

Tzaangors test base

A couple of Tzaangors on Test Bases.

I’m not sure on the bases yet. They would be black rimmed but I’ve grown to really like the GW Imperialis Bases. However I did a ‘natural’ base on the right. Not sure what to go with yet.


Kill team the band is getting back together

We’re getting the band back together.

It seems like a long time since I painted these guys. (sold a full 2K of them last year.) These guys are coming along nicely and work in the kill team environment pretty nicely.

Decimator WIP

Testing out the big guy…

Here’s a guy I’ve been using in a few test games. I only own one and I’m reluctant to paint him until I know what Legion he will be with. For now I’ve been running 2 of them in test games with dual Soul Burners with my Thousand sons. It feels thematic to have psyker-charged bullets ripping from this guy and it helps with the Thousand Sons lacking fire power.


Decimator WIP size comparison

For size comparison.

Here is my Armiger Warglaive standing beside the Decimator for comparison. Ironically I’ve found the Armiger units very beneficial to Thousand Sons even in small numbers, however the Decimators share the key word “Thousand Sons” and are Daemonic and buffable. The Decimator doesn’t last as long, however Mortal Wounds are pretty potent in a Thousand Sons army.

So that’s the update for now…. I just finished a full game of 40K with Deathwatch going against Genestealer Cult. I’d like to upload some pics and a mini-batrep… what a gong show that game was.

Still playing a lot of Kill Team and hoping the Bolter and Chainsword is back up shortly (we’re still down for the upgrade as I write this.)


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