Mechanicus Knights Hobby Update

For the love of Mars I don’t know what I was thinking over the Christmas break, but I decided to come up with a personal challenge to get myself playing and working on Adeptus Mechanicus and Imperial Knights.


Long story short I had set about the task of completing the following:

  • 2 Kastelan Robots w/Magnetized wrist mounts.
  • 2 Armiger Helverins
  • 1 Preceptor Knight

And as a secondary goal I had the following in mind:

  • Complete 3 Sydonian Dragoons (about 50% complete)
  • Base all of the above to a similar level
  • Decide on a new Knight House. (I decided on Taranis. More on that later.)

That’s a LOT of work. I had to build almost all of this and I decided to take a much “gritier” approach to my work and the additional weathering techniques took quite a bit of time. But enough of my chatter, let’s see some pictures!

It turns out I completed everything over my personal deadline of approximately 2 weeks:

project completed knights
3 new Knights join the fray!

The Preceptor was a lot of fun. It’s funny how the small addition of the Multi-Laser (unique to the Preceptor configuration) is something I’m looking forward to.

project helverins complete 1
The new Armiger Helverins should be a nice companion for the Warglaives.

The Helverins have already seen use. The bases are a lot of work in this army but I wanted them to match my existing Mechanicus.

project completed
Here we see the fresh Kastelans ready to punch, or shoot at the will of the Omnissiah.

With the majority of the base project done, I had to go back and ‘re-brand’ the existing Armigers to match the House Taranis appearance.

preceptor complete1
Finally, my favorite piece- the Preceptor Knight.

I decided to paint a little mechanicus symbol on his right shoulder pad. This was my second attempt. I kept it simple, but it’s nice enough to add some personal heraldry if you will.

This was my first (Failed) attempt:

failed shoulder pad by prot
Keep in mind this is magnified… .and not complete.

Above: My snap decision to paint the Tech Priest image from the limited codex art on to a shoulder pad turned out to be a bad idea. The working space was too small and I just didn’t like how it looked so I scrapped it for something simple, but iconic.

preceptor prot blog banner 2
Perhaps a better angle of the painted shoulder pad.

Those of you familiar enough with the model will note the left arm is a slight adjustment to the model. I couldn’t decide on a fist or chainsword….

preceptor complete 4
preceptor complete 3
Can’t decide? Take both! Fist and sword become one.

I will probably use the fist most often, but it helps to have the choice. Moving on…

project dragoons complete 1
Finally finished the Dragoons as a bonus.

I had to finish these guys; I use them so often. These are really frustrating to work on in sub-assemblies. The antennas ended up snapping a bit, and the riders were really tough to line up on the saddles, but I did it.

So what does this look like together now?

project knights helverins warglaives prots preceptpr complete
Armigers; new and old alike with rebranded Warglaives.

I decided on House Taranis because when I sold off my House Raven Knights, I found it was a little too potent for friendly games and it was dictating my build. I did look at Krast, and even other AdMech Houses but the thing about Taranis is it’s simply utilitarian. Not very potent, but usable in any build.

project kastelan complete 2
Almost forgot these guys have swappable hands now.
am project
So here’s some of the new with some of the existing army.

I think it all fit together really well. I’m very spent on this project and frankly I bit off more than I can chew. I worked on this project for hours every day during my break and the second week was a nightly affair of trying to get the basing/weathering, and details where I wanted. I hope you guys like it. As a whole I think it looks great on the table.

preceptor complete 5
Some details…

Some may note the ‘glow’ effects of the bases, eyes, guns on the newer models look slightly different. I’ve been using a different line of paint selections and like how it’s turning out. I am putting together an article after doing a lot of experimenting on different projects and hope to have that up soon.

In the meantime I’ve been enjoying playing the army with point reductions! I’m also using the Vigilus formation Detachments (more on that later) and I’m getting added motivation from the new video game “Mechanicus” (great soundtrack btw).

As always, thanks for checking this out!


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