Hobby Update: Thousand Sons

An update for Ahriman, a new Enlightened Tzaangor and a new addition Decimator style!

So you may remember I played many games using my Decimator and at the time GW increased the point cost of a Soul Burner Petard substantially! Nevertheless I found him quite usable in areas the Thousand Sons can suffer in; namely taking down vehicles/high toughness.

I decided this guy would be best as a Thousand Sons Decimator.

I start with black Primer and block in the highlights roughly with white paint. Then the fun stuff…

Abracadbra! (As we like to say on the Planet of Sorcerers!) He is done.
I really enjoyed painting this guy and got to use some new (to me) Vallejo Mecha Colours!

With the Decimator ready to go I had to finish a the Tzaangor Enlightened on a Disk…

He looks small compared to the big guy but don’t underestimate an angry goat on a disk.

And the final addition for the family picture would be some touch ups I had to do on Ahriman. Using the Mecha paint line I wanted to add some ‘life’ to the warp glow around his body and staff. I really like how he turned out.

I love this model. They did a great job updating the classic sculpt.

I’m finally happy with the glow effects (OSL) on the warp entity, and his staff/eyes, etc.

And with that I guess we’re ready for a little family photo moment!

The (mostly) new additions to the Thousand Sons family. (And they’re all just standing around hoping for an update in Vigilus II!)

Thanks for checking this out. See you soon with some more updates.


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