Pri-Marneus Calgar and the Victrix Arrive to save Vigilus

Probably some of the biggest releases of the year follow us into early 2019 so I figure I better get painting some of my favorite pieces before I get too far behind.

I really love what Games Workshop did with Calgar and the Victrix Guard. Will they be enough to save Vigilus? Probably not. I have a gut feeling Abaddon is going to push on towards Terra, the holy center of the 40K universe, and probably set Vigilus on fire.

But before Abaddon and the funky bunch arrive, I had to do up this iconic, upgraded Chapter Master of the Ultramarines; Marneus Calgar.

Once again his pose reminds me of this (not so) legendary Joe Dirt scene.

The armour is fantastic, and although there has been a slightly… ‘cartoonish’ appearance to many of the recent releases, I feel like they held it in check a bit here. To me this is always supposed to be Grimdark, and I don’t want to see any main characters that should be on Saturday morning cartoon series.

Plenty of detail on the back of this iconic figure as well. There must have been a lot of pressure to get this figure right, and I think they nailed it.
This is REALLY blow up and shows a lot of the basic flesh tone building

Above you can see distortion as I blow up this shot to be much larger than real life. The idea is you can see at this magnification the basic building of tones to create a slightly realistic warm skin tone value to help add some reality to a an otherwise unreal figure. There’s not much to hide when I blow this up, but I think it gives you a good idea of what I’m doing here. Believe it or not this doesn’t take that long. In fact if you want to see the idea behind this kind of face painting, I have a really basic, quick Tutorial for you over here: And for an alternative method:

The ever vigilant Victrix Guard watch over their Chapter Master. Now in Primaris form.

These Victrix Guard were also a pleasure to paint. I hope to use them with Guilliman as well. The shields are amazing, and the praetorian style eagle helmets are a signature look to the finest of Ultramar.

I decided to keep the swords, the gladius of Ultramar, to stay traditional.
Once again, in his fully realized Primaris form. Calgar awaits the arrival of Abaddon.

The Vigilus storyline is getting very interesting, and as we reach the second half of the campaign, I can’t wait to see what further releases we see from Games Workshop in the next few months. As I write this, the Shadow Spear Boxset featuring all new sculpts from Primaris Space Marines and Chaos have just been previewed!

Just prior to putting decals on the Marneus and finishing highlights! A WIP shot of the gang.

Thank you for checking this out! Until next time…


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