Additions to the Black Legion

Nothing says Chaos like Goat Heads and Fire!

Sorry for the long delay in posts, but in my defense I have been playing a lot, and painting a lot.. just not posting a lot!

Hopefully you’ve all read the Vigilus Crusade material by now, and know that the system of Vigilus is literally ablaze. And how best to do that than with the guidance of the Master’s of Possession:

Vigilus is Ablaze. Our hands are Ablaze… basically everything is on fire.

Master(s) of Possession are fantastic models and they are actually my favourite unit from the Shadowspear Box Set. Purely from a rules standpoint alone they add so much to a Daemonic based army, whether based on Infantry or Daemon Engines…. heck even summoning.

Chaincannons galore.

Havocs are a great unit but they do fade pretty fast with the lack of ablative wounds. You can compensate to some degree by keeping them mobile but they will get focused down.

I do like the chemical/heat burn on the barrels for added spice.

From a painting perspective, I feel you have to be careful with Black Legion. They can be rather flat when painting a lot of black. Use high contrast colour wherever possible to keep the dark army popping off your table top.

Four lascannons and an angry top knot marine. Just sprinkle in some Cacaphony to take on the Heavies in your opponent’s army!

I loved the burn effect in the Chaincannon squad enough that I decided to extend it to the Lascannon crew. Again, it’s just adding some colour to a very dark army. Speaking of which the gold trim on these models is really time consuming. I recommend blasting through 5 models at a time, then washing them all at once to keep a good pace going.

Consider using these guys in a Devastation Battery if anything to have the chance to shoot your opponent in his first turn.

Well I hope you enjoyed that entry. I’ve got so much on the go for this army. I should have more to show shortly.

Thank you for checking in!



  • These are very nice, that bit of colour is doing wonders for them. Really like those chain guns with the heat burn.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Thank you very much. It’s one of those things where I don’t want to overused it but the army really can just fade into the table top and I paint all my stuff with an army in mind… I play as much as I paint. 🙂 Thanks for checking it out.


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