Post ITC Tournament: Quick Pics

Finishing a 6 game tournament seems a lot more grueling than 5 games for some reason. It’s only one more game but I think taking you into that Sunday evening, knowing you gotta work tomorrow can play on your mind. It’s a lot of thinking… or in my case drooling. Nevertheless it’s a lot of fun.

I will do a run down of how my ‘fun’ Black Legion army did, but I did take it mostly for the purpose of running my favourite models from the new generation of Chaos Kits put out by Games Workshop since the Shadowspear Box Set.

For now, I’m just going to put up some photos of the army taken by others at the event.

Abaddon was popular. A little overrated perhaps, but don’t tell him that.
Army on display.

My Black Legion featured a core dual battalion consisting of Cultists, and a lot of “lieutenant” types so I called it my Thanos list since it’s basically anything you could breed for war being thrown at the opponent.

Time for the Chaingang.

The Havocs were a lot of fun, but very, very rarely got to shoot more than a turn. (if ever!)

Blue Lord Discordant is feeling… blue.

These “Disco Lords” are fun but truly a glass cannon.

It crawls, it has venom… let’s call it a Venom Crawler.

Another fun unit, but fairly fragile. Keeping these alive is very tough and requires immense target saturation.

A BRUTAL match up.

My opponent was amazing… his list? Not near as much fun. lol Three Knights, 3 Shield Captains, and AdMech. I kept getting some pretty brutal match ups.

Abaddon rallies the troops between games.
Sure my stuff looks menacing, but this Knight wasn’t fooled.
The guy with the Cicatrix Cloak goes first.
Elves with Lances. Fun.
A mirror match up that would be a true test.

This is an interesting match up I look forward to going into more detail with later.

So there you go, a slight preview of the battle reports to follow from a 6 round ITC event.

I happened to receive this in the mail on the same weekend:

Back to Custodes?

A special thanks to my friend Wes in the UK for taking the time out of his day to get this sent to me over in Canada. It makes a huge difference if you can get Forgeworld to ship this stuff to you!

Please come back and I’ll hopefully have Day 1 of the Black Legion ITC report up for you.


  • What a great army to take to a tournament. I bet your opponents were really pleased to see this! The colours are really working out and have livened up that black and gold scheme.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a ton. It was definitely validating to hear some great feedback from other players on the army. I always say we should paint for our own interests, and preferences but it is really nice when others share your love for the hobby side of the game!

      Liked by 1 person

      • You have to have the interest in what you’re painting otherwise the momentum and enthusiasm burns out. Feedback is nice though, and I bet they loved playing against this army. I would!


      • Very true. It’s gotta be interesting to paint. I think a part of it is Chaos (as in Chaos Space Marines) have very few players here so it’s an opportunity to play / paint an army very few people do.

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      • That’s a bonus, it’s no good feeling like you’re doing the same as everyone else. I remember a few of us going to the Titanicus event a while back, where 40 players played one massive game of 40k. Chaos vs Imperium with lots of Titans on the table. Our car was literally all the Chaos Space Marine players! If you go on the WIP section of B&C you’d swear everyone did Chaos, I think it’s the conversion opportunities.


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