Chaos Black Legion at ITC: Day 2: Game 4 vs Imperial Fists

So day two comes along and deep down I’m hoping my more or less, ‘fun’ Black Legion list gets to dodge some of the stuff I’d been seeing… the hardcore Astra, the flyer spam Eldar, etc. However I must have had high battle point differentials because I found myself against some tough competition.

Starting Day 2, I played against a great local marine player who was using his unique army to play Imperial Fists. His army looked fairly ‘normal’ except he was playing his missions well, and while I was sitting at a record of 1 win and 2 losses, he was at 2 wins and 1 loss.

His list looked very Primaris-like and included a Knight. Basically:

Primaris Captain (he would use 3 CP for Chapter Master)

Primaris Libby

Primaris LT.

Aggressors with Boltstorms

Intercessors x 5 (Stalker Rifles!)

Intercessors x 5

Intercessors x 5


Redemptor with Macro Plasma

Hellbaster x 5

Repulsors x 2

Knight Errant.

The Black Legion Deployment.

Once again my opponent would get the choice to go first or second. As you can see there is almost zero Line of Sight (LoS) blocking terrain on this table. My goal was to stay out of range of most of the Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannons, and shorter lastalons.

Once again I would pull out the Devastation Battery trick and use my Havocs to outright destroy his Redemptor dreadnought. He had positioned his Knight in such a way in the middle of the map (to collect the bonus objective marker) as to lure me into attacking it. I thought better of it and I think it was the right decision to knock out the Redemptor before he could fire it.

The Redemptor goes down to the Devastation Battery.

His shooting phase would be fairly aggressive, with very little LoS blocking, but most of it would just pluck away a few wounds on a Venomcrawler.

In my turn I would move up the Disco Lords on the flanks due to terrain issues. But I did not want to engage the Knight with the Disco Lord so the first order of business was to let the entire army unload on the Knight and successfully destroy it.

This would leave my Disco lords hanging high up, but I had to buy time to get some positioning on the middle of the board or else all would be lost there with Repulsors sitting on it.

In his turn he has a good shooting phase killing a lot of cultists, and Havocs of course. But the worst was a brutal explosion on the Venomcrawler. I would CP re-roll it but it still went BOOM. And this happened a LOT in the tournament to me. The explosion took out a lot of my stuff, and put 3 wounds on Abaddon!!!

The Disco Lords hit the Repulsor.

Next up the Disco Lords take down the Repulsor. Actually only one made it. I was okay with this as I knew the Red Disco Lord would die for his efforts, however this was an acceptable trade.

Disco Lord gets mobbed!

Of course in his turn he would retaliate. The good news is the Disco Lord managed to absorb a lot of wounds before finally succumbing in close combat. This bought me just enough time to send the second one in to the other Repulsor.

And again in his turn he retaliates and the second Disco Lord is destroyed. Still I find this favourable. I have to be aggressive now… I’ve just got the Oblits in for a turn of shooting and our game is super violent with exchanges at center… not a lot of finesse in this match up.

With one Oblit down, and center up for grabs I decide to take a gamble with Abaddon….

Abbadon Challenges ALL!

I was at the bottom of the turn so I snagged a bonus point here, and through Abaddon to the wolves. He would take tremendous fire power, but I knew my opponent’s secondaries would not help him here. So Abaddon absorbed all the bullets he could, but would die to the Captain in Close combat.

Now at the bottom of the turn it was setup for the Oblits. Things were very tight at this point. I had barely any troops left (I had literally one Cultist holding my objective).

The Obliterators have a job to do.

With Abaddon dead, the middle would have to be reclaimed by his cronies. The Master of Possession would smite the last few wounds off of the Primaris Captain, and then the Oblits would make the charge and smash some fists into the Librarian.

It would make for a very close finish as we were both pretty decimated, however the middle would be the deciding factor over the course of the game giving the Black Legion the win over the Imperial Fists in a close score of 32 – 27.

This would put me into a very, very tough match up. Details coming soon… Thanks for reading Game 4 of Day 2. I’m hoping to have these reports completed this week. -prot.

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