Chaos at ITC. Day 2 / Game 5

So with that last victory I somehow managed to find myself in a very strong match up… Triple Knights, 3 Shield Captains on jetbikes, a Vindicare and an AdMech Batallion! How I get this match up at 2-2 is a bit weird.

Anyway this is another game where I really wanted to go first, and for the 5th game in a row, I did not win the roll to choose. Incredible.

My opponent’s list is extremely straight forward. House Krast. 3 giant robots, 2 that punch, and the warlord that stands back and shoots. This is supported by a backfield of shooty Admech that provide 5 CP. This is also supported by 3 Custodes shield Captains on Jetbikes which I don’t need to explain are nasty at grabbing objectives and providing chaff clearing and CC support! The Deployment was Search And Destroy (quarters with a 9″ no man’s zone in the middle.)

3 Knights have the Venomcrawlers a little worried.

So once again I tell my opponent completely about the Devastation Battery but there’s nothing he can really do about it. I have my Lascannon/Missile Havoc squad open up on his Warlord Knight and I take it down by about 10 wounds. He’s shocked at this, and moves most of his Knights up, and in his turn he takes out almost the entire Las Havoc squad! Ouch.

In my turn I punch back hard with what I can. I don’t want to get too close and I measure things out and I know I cannot commit a first turn assault on his Krast punchy Knight. It’s too risky because of Death Grip to go in there with a simple Disco Lord. But I need to start taking points and that means getting Recon as fast as possible. Unfortunately this means sacrificing a squad of cultists a turn which really sucked. I also have to take care of a Knight…. So I take a risk and put Vets of the Long War on the Chain Cannon squad and put his Warlord down to 3 wounds! So of course I Cacaphony the squad and do it again.. The Knight player saved 12 wounds at -1 ap! 12!! He was as shocked as I was and just started laughing. Because in his turn for 1 CP he’s operating at top shelf.

The Knights have set up a guard, but the Shield Captains have pushed forward.

I forgot to mention one of his Shield Captains was in reserves, and he deep striked it behind the ruins I had my Havoc squads in. This would create a second weird scenario where I could not kill the model. We had an issue where he tried to assault me on the second floor of the ruins and without hesitation the rules judge declared the model could not fit and/or use the “Wobbly” model syndrome to declare the assault. I let my opponent back the Jetbike captain up as far as he wanted to go, undoing the charge AND the move. He was very happy with that. I didn’t want him to feel like his misunderstanding would cost him the unit.

His grouped shield captains on the board tried to get in closer but I did block him out pretty good. They still smoked a Cultist squad and most of my single Marine squad. This was leaving me low on ObSec in that far right quarter.

Time for a comeback?!?!?! We can all dream.

I knew I was running out of time. His Warlord Knight had a full ‘free’ turn of causing damage with one bloody wound. This drove me nuts since it almost would never happen again if we replayed it a hundred times. But that’s how it goes so I finished off the warlord Knight, maxed on Titan Slayer, and moved on to press hard on one of the punchy Knights. Unfortunately the same thing happened. I had one lascannon, the Reaper Cannon Squad, and Oblits let lose on the Knight. My opponent saves an ungodly sum of dice again, and even after Cacaphony he saved about 8 more, leaving the Knight at 3 wounds! Again he would use 1 CP, and it operates fine.

The frustrating thing is I put one Shield Captain down a few wounds from Shooting, and then charged it with a Venom Crawler AND a Disco Lord. He saved a handful of saves to keep the Shield Captain on 1 wound for another turn. I couldn’t believe it. At this point my opponent was swearing his dice weren’t baked, and that I could use them if I wished. So going into his turn 3 he had one shield captain on 1 wound (2 others almost dead) and a Knight with 3 wounds, and one just fine. But his shooting was definitely hurting.

A counter charge…. all because I failed to kill a 1 wound Shield Capt.

In his turn he presses hard. A punchy knight charges my Venomcrawler and Disco Lord in hopes of saving the Shield Captain. In mid field he’s charging another Disco Lord, and I’ve lost a Venomcrawler. The AdMech are plucking away at my Cultists.

His charges are successful. I lose the center Disco Lord, and he Deathgrips the Red Disco Lord to death… hence the term “death grip”. My Venomcrawler lives and kills the one wound Shield Captain.

At this point I feel pretty boxed in and the Lord Discordants are at a serious disadvantage against anything with Death Grip that they cannot finish off on the charge.

In my turn I try shooting the heck out of the Shield Captain that deep struck behind me by pulling Cultists out of Close combat. On the second floor my Chain guns put everything into the bloody Captain and get him down to 1 wound! Again. Third time this game that something hangs around miraculously on 1 wound. Now I know I’m in trouble, but there’s little I can do as a full health Knight is still coming at my Obliterator line. By the way there’s little mention of it but his Vindicare popped my Master of Possession, Dark Apostle, and an Obliterator. I hid Abaddon for the first half of the game to avoid this as I needed the Aura in play.

I do what I can. The Cultists feed him kills but get me Recon. My Venom crawler kills his Knight on the right side, filling my ‘Titan Killer’. The Obliterators (2 left) do put a few wounds into the Knight, but it’s still at about half health.

The last Knight is free to roam the country side.

We are approaching end game, and his last Knight is still on its top level. Somehow I don’t lose my last lascannon and he’s got marked for death on my Havocs, and Oblits. But here’s where any slim hope I had goes straight down the toilet….

The Knight charges into the building, and plays the strat that lets him punch the second floor of guys killing all my Oblits. At the same time he Stomps the bottom floor to death, netting him a few kills. (The Dark Apostle helpers give up easy kills every game.) I also lose another squad of Cultists to Admech fire power.

In my turn I have a slim chance of bouncing back even though he’s mostly dead I can’t score anything now as it’s too late in the game to threaten the admech except on my right flank. The remaining 3 Black Legion marines go and try to take down a squad of 5 Vanguard. I shoot bolters, but don’t kill any, then charge the Admech, and lose 2 marines in overwatch!!! Then I charge in, the champ fails to wound with his Chainaxe, and I die in the process…. man what a way to finish.

Where there’s a will there’s a way.

With the marines dead, the Oblits dead, the cultists, Dark Apostle and friends wiped out by the Knight, it’s ALL up to Abaddon.

He’s furious and it shows…. he orders the cultists in first and they take overwatch, then I charge in Abaddon and he completely dismantles the Knight with the Talon of Horus. Unfortunately it’s too little too late. The Chaincannon squad can’t take the last wound off of the Shield Captain behind the ruins and the game ends. Victory to Knights 26-20.

My opponent was a lot of fun to play. He was pretty shocked that I took all three Knights out (nobody had at this point) and he was a great sport during the game. As brutal as a match up as this was for me, it was one of my funnest games. The funny thing is I felt like I actually could have won this one, and my opponent said after the game he probably would have been furious if the tables were turned and I made all of those saves. He felt pretty convinced without the amazing saves on single wound models, he would have lost. Regardless, it was a fun, devastating match up.

Finally, game 6 is coming up soon. Thanks for reading. -prot

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