Hobby Update: Ultramarines and Black Legion WIP’s

Although I probably only play my Ultramarines in the area of once or twice a month, I still like the new kits that came in Shadowspear. I think the one I use most often in lists is certainly the Infiltrators. They feel a bit heavy point wise, however they’re a great push back tool on some aggressive alpha striking armies.

Infiltration is their thing. I tried to make these boys look like they’ve seen some serious stuff.

I loved painting the smoke grenade which is an awesome touch on the sculpts.

Another look at the squad.

The screens, and lights gave me a chance to do a little OSL on the armour which was a nice change.

Here we have blurry close up number 1.
Only to be topped by blurry close up number 2! (sorry about the poor pics).

The squad has a lot of detail and I was happy to do them, but the box is incredibly repetitive for the sculpts so I doubt I ‘ll do any more until we see a full kit.

Next up the Black Legion WIPs.

Can you guess what these are?

Seeing this in pieces it may not be recognizable that this is a Heldrake and a new Lord Discordant. That’s right I’ve been playing with a pair of Heldrakes and although I keep finding a way to use Abaddon more competitively, I am really having fun with the whole Daemon Engine thing.

Not to be outdone… the new possessed are coming along.

I have a lot of fun playing the Possessed detachment as well. I don’t really believe it can be that competitive. Infantry right now in power armour is in a really poor spot overall, but for every day competitive games the possessed are a lot of fun.

My old possessed are still around, and they look terrible:

Our wings say “we’re possessed”!

Basically I love the new Chaos sculpts but don’t find much use for Space Marines so I’ve decided to kit bash the old possessed box with the new Chaos Space Marine kit to do a modest looking squad of the guys you see in progress. I still bring out these guys though once in a while.

So that’s what I have going right now, and hope to have the Heldrake done next.

Thanks for peaking in. -prot


  • I like your bleak Ultramarines paint scheme. They really look battle hardened. Very cool.

    How many Heldrakes are you planning to run? I have one and it’s ok but it needs company to be worth it. I’ve heard of people running Possessed bombs with success but it seems like a gimmick to me. I don’t know.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. I’ve been running two lately. It seems to be the right number for me as I’m trying to flood the table with Daemon Engines lately and it’s had pretty favourable results so far. Possessed has worked well for me but there are some match ups that really hit it hard. I think it requires a little too much of a support cast for my liking but it certainly can work. I still play it once in a while to keep it interesting.

      Liked by 1 person

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