Black Legion Heldrake and Ultra WIP’s.

My last post included a WIP picture of a Heldrake and a Lord Discordant. I decided that for the Bolter and Chainsword painting challenge that I would try to paint the Heldrake as quickly as I could while retaining some sense of quality to the appearance. I didn’t want it to look anything like my other Heldrake so I went with a Lightning theme.

Although it took a bit longer than I anticipated I think it turned out well enough… Ready to roast and dine on some back line hugging Tau!

After the ITC GT, I came to the conclusion I suffered greatly from not having an -immediate- deep threat for 2 reasons: !. ITC rewards cheap junk sitting on objectives in the form of Engineers. Also ITC gives a high value to every objective, ever turn, in the form of primaries. The second reason is a lot of armies are continuing to use cheap, spammy units to accomplish reason #1, or simply bombard you with cheap, indirect fire.

The problem is this edition is so tilted towards being immediately killy, and destructive, I think I (we) tend to go deep into those units and sometimes skip over a more utilitarian choice. The following picture is from one of my most recent ITC styled games:

Turn 1 the Heldrakes box in a Dark Eldar fire base of skimmers.

So let’s be fair here. How long did it take me to get these units to my opponent’s Deployment Zone? Turn 1, using the Daemon Engine Soulforged Pack Detachment bonuses. How much did these fire turkey’s kill? Collectively they killed 2 basic Venom transports. Then they died.

Was it worth it? Absolutely. It got me Butcher’s Bill, Recon, but most importantly it displaced his fire base as the next turn the Dark Eldar would have to reposition in a less favourable manner (closer to me) and protect their Archon fire aura. Also the Heldrakes absorbed a lot of blaster fire power that I am pretty certain my Lord Discordants were happy to avoid.

I played a lot of the Heldrake at the beginning of 8th in which it was horrifically overpriced, and then again after a point drop in an FAQ. The problem is the Heldrake has a few distinct things going against it: It is still a fairly pricey unit, has one real offensive weapon, and is incapable of going supersonic for the -1 to hit (which is a real head scratcher to me). But at the end of the day the utilitarian aspect is something my army needed greatly and without dipping into Deep Strike units of dubious quality, or indirect fire from Forgeworld… well this just gave me what the list needed.

Finally moving on, I’ve started to change it up after my last update posting the Infiltrators by doing some more Ultramarines in the form of Suppressor… which oddly enough are in a similar category of being a utilitarian unit.

Freshly primed Suppressors!

I’ll leave it at that with this post. I might be looking at the new Space Marine Repulsor variant next week as this coming weekend sees the release of the vehicle. – Prot

One comment

  • Good looking Heldrake. The lightning is spot on but what really completes the model is the red eye on the back. Very cool effect.

    The Heldrake is so fun to play with, it’s a bit lacklustre in regards of damage output but it is such a good harassment unit.


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