Games Workshop Announces DIY / Successor Chapter Tactics: Is this the new competitive standard?

Today we found out that Successor Tactics are available to anyone wishing to create their own Chapter of space marines and this of course allows them to pick 2 Tactics. The range is long and varied, and includes some unique choices. I won’t hash them all up, but what does this mean for competitive play?

Pick your colours, pick your traits….

I have to confess I never thought GW would bring this back into effect. Long ago when I first started playing Ultramarines, no one… and I mean no one I could find played them. They were a ‘narrative’ army only. Every tournament I went to had typically “Black Templar” rules back then, or DIY. Back then it was VERY common in tournaments to see a red/purple blob on the table and you never knew what you were facing until you talked to your opponent. Are we going to be end up back there in competitive play?

Long range bolters? Re-rolling 1 to hit, and 1 to wound per squad? What would Guilliman say?

So where have we recently seen this before? Ah.. yessssss CHAOS! It wasn’t too long ago the Chaos codex came out and my Legion… Black Legion was saddled with their old traits:

Ah the power of advancing a Bolter marine and still being able to fire the bolter is…. intoxicating! /sarcasm

Along side the good ol’ boys along came the fancy young guns… new(er) Renegades! At the penalty of not being able to use Vets of the Long War, they got some really, really potent new stuff including, but not limited to:

The Purge and Flawless Host are always strong Chaos favorites in the competitive meta.

But that’s not all… take the easy choice from above: The Purge. Twin linking your army against something is super strong. You start with a ‘flamer’ or easy to hit weapon, now your army is incredibly efficient at killing that target. This is powerful. But then there’s Strategem support:

This makes for a very potent combo.

Where am I going with this? Well I hope this isn’t largely a repeat of the Chaos codex where most (not all) competitive players just jumped on the hotness of Renegades and the old chapters could only hope to see help in the form of stategems and Detachments.

What I don’t know as I write this is if there is going to be Strats specific to any of the Second Founding/ DIY chapters.

So it’s cool for the narrative, but I just really hope this doesn’t mean another era of purple/blue blobs of unidentifiable marines taking the competitive tables and picking the trait of the week. When Chaos Space Marines had their redux it was a similar feeling. Lots of people hopped on the bandwagon but very, very few of those new players gravitated to the ancient Legions.


  • I don’t disagree, DIY is mostly a bad thing. Only real upside IMO is if it pushes GeeDub to make the founding chapters super unique – and I don’t just mean special characters. Also curious about your take on the new units ……….

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    • Agreed. I’m looking at the new units now and realize how not-coincidental the point hike to the Executioner Repulsor is! Looks like we’re going back to 3rd-4th edition! Marines will be challenging opponents much sooner.


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