New Astartes Codex Preparations (Hobby Update)

Hey guys, just a quickie as I’ve been away from the blog a few weeks. I’m still playing lots of games, and painting as usual. In the past two weeks we’ve all had a great sneak peak at the new Marine update coming out. (And the new pricing too… wow!)

So to prepare for new chapter tactics, and what seems to be a smattering of new releases, I’ve finished some key models I needed for my Ultramarines.

These boys are the ‘new’ Supressors “Vanguard” from the boxset.

Although they aren’t exactly amazing on the table, I do like using the Suppressors because they are pretty cheap and mobile. Surprisingly they are -1 to their hit rolls if they move, making their low volume shooting very lethargic at times. Still I like to grab objectives with them and potentially deny Tau overwatch with them. (I’ve hit 3 squads of fire warriors on 3 floors to prevent a combined overwatch on Guilliman once!)

Those guys were alright to paint but I’m really hoping GW moves away from those plastic stands. Next up we have a very cool gift I received from a friend in the UK. It’s this limited Lieutenant from Gamesday:

I know, I know it’s another LT. from GW, and we’re all tired of them, but I like this guy and thought he’d look the part on the field with Guilliman and the boys. I made a ‘weekend challenge’ out of him and in my spare time I tried to complete him from start to finish:

He really was a pleasure to paint. Just enough subtle changes that make him stand out without going over the top. I also employed my own glaze methods for painting his face… here’s a super close up which will show a lot of errors, but you get the idea!

If you are curious how I do this kind of face work with natural skin tones, I’ve written up the method here: and/or this one:

So with the pre orders coming out very soon…. I really want to finish the stuff I still have hanging around… ugh.. it’s going to be a bit of a grind to finish:

One Repulsor, and two of the new Repulsor Executioners!

Well I got a LOT to do in 2 weeks. But I imagine everyone has a big ‘to do’ list for the new releases. Thanks for checking in. -Prot.


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