Chaos + Chaos Knights: Part 1 Hobby Update

First a little background…

When the new Chaos Codex came out I was just happy to see a new Abaddon and some rehashed old units. I ended up taking Black Legion to an ITC local GT and did not do nearly as well as I did with my Death Guard Chaos army. Which is fine. I fully understood that I was taking an army I worked hard to paint and it has some weaker choices in it.

But I did win best in show!

Prot’s Black Legion ITC Report: If you are curious you can take a peek at some of the experiences I had with that list:

Fast forward and the Chaos Knights Codex came out. I will admit I wanted to make my Black Legion a little more competitive BUT I confess the codex was really a means for me to paint up my “Valiant Knight” as a “Tyrant” (Chaos) Knight. And here he is:

My own House Hellwrought: Presenting “Fury” the Tyrant Chaos Knight.
Them guns is burnin’ with Imperial Corpse Meat!
I couldn’t resist taking a piece of Kill Team Terrain and plopping it on the base.
“Fury” Loves to go Tau fishing with is Harpoon!
Hellwrought Fury has bad breath.. trust me.

So there you go. I hope you like him. I did have a few goes at my own colour scheme and settled on the mostly neutral palette you see here. I have to say I had a blast using a lot of old school weathering techniques on him. It’s time consuming but I think it’s well worth it.

Next up: In part 2 I’ll go into a bit of detail on the list that’s been working really well for me in ITC competitive games. It came as a bit of a surprise to me but this guy is at the center of the list and gives you a lot of freedom. I’ll cover the list, and the strats I employ for maximizing this expensive unit.

May all of your Harpoons find the soft underbelly of a Tau Riptide near you! – Prot

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