Trying Old and New Things with Ultramarines 2.0

Things have been going really well with the new codex. But there’s been one elephant in the room…. well actually 2 of them: The Repulsor and Repulsor Executioner.

These bad boys are better…. than before.

Every list previous to the 2.0 update to my Ultramarines have included 3 of these. With the update I’ve gone down to 1 of each variant.

At first I was quite peeved at the point increase, but now I get it. With the Combat Doctrines (especially Ultra’s Tactical Doctrine) combined with the plethora of mediocre firepower, it all starts to get a lot better.

Don’t forget as an Ultra player using the Tactical Doctrine, you can move your Executioner Repulsor full distance and fire it twice!

Tactical Doctrine = Pew-Pew x two!

And at this point you might be thinking so what? Just because I can add AP, and move and double shoot the Laser-thingy…. that isn’t so great.

And I’d say you’re right except everything about this codex is about multipliers. There’s no be all, end all unit in my lists that crushing people. So again I would ask that you keep in mind all the multipliers: Moving and shooting, negative 2″ to assault, Re-roll ANY to hit, re-roll 1’s to wound, add AP for Doctrines, and finally…. Overwatch 2 of these badboys if they’re in range of an assaulted target. Yea, it’s as painful as it sounds.

And there’s more. If all of that fails, you pull out your generic marine strat that lets the Laser shoot twice if your Repulsor dies.

I’m simply not necessary anymore!

What I’ve noticed is that all of these wins (with new Ultra’s) are largely based on my ‘brick’ of Repulsors fending off assaulters, blocking fire lanes, and providing immense Overwatch assistance.

So I’m going to go hardmode for a bit. Tonight I will field purely (well mostly) Infantry! Can it be done? Yes! Should it be done? Who knows.

“I shall wield the Infantry of Ultramar like the back of my hand and smite thy enemy justly!”

With Calgar and Primaris Tigurious, I intend to run largely a double battalion and see what I can come up with. The only non-infantry will be 2 Tactical Warsuits, and a Thunderfire Cannon (double shooting, and slowing advancement where necessary).

Hopefully it’s a good game regardless. I don’t know who my opponent is but hopefully I can follow up with a Batrep!

Thanks for checking in. -Prot.

Bring on the Infantry brothers!

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