Hobby Update: Finished Custodes, and some Ultramarines Impulsor WIPs.

These bikes just took me forever to finish. Don’t be like me and restart a project 3 times. The temptation to sell sometimes is great, and I need to stop doing it (at least on stuff I’m going to restart)!

Three Virtus Praetors ready to go.
I highly recommend magnetizing these guys for travel.
The Shield Captain.
The red hood signifies the relic bike. I wanted him to look a bit different.

And now a few touch ups finish off my Telemon Dreadnaughts:

Finished the weapons and some weathering on the carapace.
A closer look at some damage highlighting on the shoulders.
Battle hardened.

And some Ultra updates:

Finished my 3 Suppressors. (2 bases snapped so I pinnned them in place)
I don’t like doing WIP photos but here you go.
Impulsors in progress.
Lots of little pieces. A lot more work than the old Rhino’s!
And something totally out of place… I did a little icon paint job on this Knight carapace.
And finally here is my Custodes To Do list! Then off for sale! lol

Thanks for checking in. -Prot.


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