Adeptus Custodes Hobby Update. Valoris, Virtus Praetors and Custodian Guard Pictures.

An Update of an Instant Classic.

I love the Custodes background. All of it. The novels, the models, the playstyle, etc. But what can turn into a grind is doing the gold ‘properly’. For me I’m always looking for ways of aging the gold in a ‘classic’ appearance without diminishing the stunning effect that an army of gold can look like.

I rely on my tutorial frequently, but I confess I’ve tweaked it a bit. This is literally the 3rd time I’ve repainted a Batallion’s worth of Custode Troops! (Here is the tutorial if you’re curious.)

I think I counted 14 of the Emperor’s Legion for pure troops.

And here is Trajann Valoris and the banner bearer alongside:

Trajann and his buddies.

And speaking of Trajann I felt compelled to touch him up since I got my new brush set in from Artis Opus, and I do like the fine work I’m able to touch up with the brushes.

I just love this sculpt.

Moving on, we have the Virtus Praetors. Another unique, stunning sculpt from the line. They’ve fallen out of favour a lot in competitive play but I still love the look, and their capabilities in combat.

This is my second set of bikes, and I don’t think I could do it all over again for a third time. The troops were enough.

And yes they are magnetized again.

These bases and arms are magnetized for easy transport, and movement of the spear arm. And here we have the Shield Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike.

Finally I needed to touch up the final look of the shoulder pauldrons of the Telemon Dreadnaughts. Just to give them a bit of a battle worn look:

These arms are magnetized at the elbow. I do have another set of arm weapons.

And that’s a big update for me. It took me months, on and off, to find the motivation to complete all of this stuff. About halfway through the project I was sure I would sell it. My previous Custodes armies had fetched a fair penny, and I had so many other projects between Ultramarines and Chaos alone.

But something happened as usual…. I just really enjoyed getting this far with them, and I’d like to see how much further I’ll go. Plus Pyshic Awakening is just around the corner and promises to give Custodes… something.

Thanks for checking out this Adeptus Custodes hobby update!



  • Your Custodes (um, especially this iteration) are my favorite of your armies. Although I really dig your Black Legion as well, Custodes are particularly cool to hear about in action, since they’re sorta meta-adjacent and have such weird, epic-tier wargear and abilities. Great work on this version of the golden boys, hoping for a report or two sometime 😉

    Any plans to pick up some of the reduxed FW vehicles? Speaking of bonkers grimdark wonder weapons.


  • Well the only Forgeworld I own for Custodes are the pair of Telemon dreads and I a friend shipped me the Caladius but I received it after the big nerf it took so I’m not sure it’s worth painting up. I have had recent games with the Telemon and it feels very overpriced right now.


  • Fair, I didn’t know if they were at least usable enough still to justify adding them for cool / fun factor. Of all the FW AC squads, I remember hearing about Venatari causing a ruckus, dunno if they survived the Custodies nerfing :/


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