Ultramarines go for sale, and a Hobby Update.

Well I never thought I would sell my Ultramarines again after selling them two times previously. I took great care to make sure this one would be better than my last two. I wanted this Guilliman to be better than my last. The infantry would be a step up, and I tried to maintain that all the way through to the bases.

And over the months I’ve been asked to sell them and a few times I do get asked to do commissions. I did try doing commissions for a while, but I’m rarely happy with what I paint and find myself re-doing too much. This became too difficult and time consuming.

I didn’t think I would sell this time and I know a few people on Instagram and personal friends were a little surprised, but an offer came along I couldn’t refuse. But enough of my babbling, this basically meant I had to finish some pieces and here’s how it turned out.

Here’s the finished Impulsors with Missiles.
And with Shield domes.
And a peak at the sides/rear of the vehicle.

And I had to finish my Redemptor so I thought I would take a picture of my bases, and how I do the GW ones, as well as the ‘home made’ variant with extra junk on the base.

I wait for the mud to dry and then we work in the colours as shown above, in that order.
Finish with a drybrush of Termnius stone after the washes/paint have dried, then simply age or weather the bits to your taste.

Nothing bugs me when painting large flat panels than to see them… large and flat. Create light where it doesn’t exist. Have fun with creating false light sources, and the model will pop to life on the table top.

There he is completed.

Next up a Captain I forgot I had!

Just had to finish this guy quickly!
Here’s a look at some of the rest before packing!

And with that it is with mixed feelings that I pack it all up…. So I find it’s a good time to do this. I’ve thoroughly exhausted myself of painting marines for a while and it is time for something new. Something different in the 40K range. I’ll be back soon with more details. Thanks for checking this out.


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