Prot’s Eldar Scheme Finalized. The First Finished Models and Test Models.

Sometimes when I’m deciding on a scheme I get asked how I come up with my recipes whether it be my Ultramarines, or Custodes, or these Eldar. And I always say it’s just a little extra work but it goes a long way. What I mean by that is use a simple test model, and get the ‘uncertainties’ out of the way.

Here is a Wave Serpent from my first ever Eldar Ulthwe army! Believe it or not this Serpent conversion kit had just come out!

After finding a victim.. er model, it’s time to take those ideas that have been in your head and get pretty wild with it. Go a few steps beyond what you intend to use as a your colour spectrum.

I am not afraid of pink!

This is what I mean… I knew I wanted some extreme contrast. This is Eldar afterall. Historically their schemes can be pretty high in contrast. So I knew I wanted that, but I also wanted it darker. Much darker than previous stuff to reflect the times of the Eldar/Aeldari… whatever the heck they are called now. As you can see that pink is really pink. Probably further than I’d go with the final look.

Speaking of pink/purple… how’s this for going too far?

Then I thought I’d try reversing the above scheme. It’s not bad… just a little more pink than I want. I preferred going with an technical scheme based on aquatic greens.

Eventually I cranked out these two models.

I still had to make adjustments. The vehicle vents never felt right to me. The bright ones on the left just stole the eyes away from the pattern too much. The metallics on the right looked to ‘human’ and well.. metal for an alien tech. Also I went with this cockpit design instead of the hex pattern. It broke up the look nicely.

Finally here we are.

The vents ended up black. Shiny, but a muted colour retaining the stealthier, high tech look I was going for. The contrast is still there in purples and pinks with the weaponry and gems. I am fine with how this ended up evolving. And it probably will continue to evolve.

Next I had to get the infantry in the same scheme.

Here’s the scheme applied to my Wraithguard with D Scythes. I went out on a limb with the purple to pink to white heads to match the weaponry and I like it (at first they were black and just did not pop enough for me on the table top.)

All 5 together.

Here you can see the final base design. A high contrast again. Some sparse vegetation, on a desert background. Earth tones far different from their alien colours.

2 random domed dudes with D Scythes.

I’m pretty happy with how this turned out and my goal of creating a scheme that I’ve never seen before was accomplished. It’s a bit more work than I originally wanted because my goal is to -always- get a full army on the table top and time is always an issue.

Here’s a group shot.

Eldar rise for Psychic Awakening!

Next up I’m going to have a review of the GW Painting stick, and I decided to add a Hemlock Wraithfighter to the Eldar list!

Thanks for checking it out.


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