The Eldar Paint Scheme Continues: Struggles with the Wraithfighter.

So the Hemlock Wraithfighter is now complete, and usable. It was something where I wanted to tweak the main scheme a bit, but not deviate too far from the previous units. Keep it ‘scifi-ish’ without getting too goofy with the high contrasts I’ve chosen for the army.

It took a few tries but I ended up with this.

This is a more ‘fluid’ version of the scheme with a transition of multiple, subtle colour shifts. As I said the first version didn’t work, but eventually it turned into this.

Anyone who know about “Wraith” technology will understand why I went this route.

Quote: The subject of much controversy on Craftworlds, the Hemlock is one of the Eldar’s ultimate weapons of terror and to use such a construct is to flirt with atrocity. Only in the most dire of circumstances do the Eldar deploy Hemlock’s, for it blends the psychic ability of its Spiritseer pilot with the energies of the Eldar dead channeled through Spirit Stones in its Wraithbone core that functions as a miniature Infinity Circuit

This quote is taken from the Eldar Lexicanum article:

The underside.

I tried to reflect the fact that this machine is somewhat alive, and greatly enhances its Psychic pilot by making it look ‘alive’ through the vibrancy and movement of the colour scheme through the main body to the fuselage.

It was quite time consuming, but a lot of fun. I’ve had one game with it so far, and it lived! It wasn’t amazing but it lived!

Thanks for checking it out.


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