Prot’s Chaos Knights, and Eldar. Hobby Update!

Hey guys, just a quick note as I’ve been working hard on several armies so a few things seem to finish at the same time as a result.

So my Eldar was an attempt at some extreme colour combo’s and I get a lot of great compliments on it, but this Wraithlord was tough. I redid him in whole or parts of him several times over. But I finally was happy with the results.

Really what I tried to accomplish above is the amalgamation of my scheme for vehicles (energy/hex pattern) combined with the extreme green-blue and White purple/pink of my Wraithguard/blade units. (See below).

So anyway I think it worked. The Wraithlord itself took…… waaay too long but I would hope my second one (if I ever do one) would be half the time.

Moving on to my old favourites… CHAOS!!! (Do you hear the voices too?) The beauty of Chaos is I get to experience that other side of creativity. With Eldar I seek the extreme contrast, with strong, vibrant colours. And with Chaos I am simply seeking to show age, and robust, ancient machinery that probably shouldn’t even work any more….

This Desecrator has been around.
Bad breath? Check. Bad Attitude? Check. Burning skull face? Check. Time to kill some loyalists!

I hope you enjoyed the quick hobby update. I really love the Chaos Knight line. The burning face took a while to be happy with it, but I think it looks appropriately menacing enough!


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