Prot’s Wraith Style Craftworlds vs. Blood Angels.

– I had a game against Blood Angels. It was rough. I had to write this quickly so I apologize for the lack of lists, and super descriptive moments, but you’ll get the idea…. It had some crazy moments.

Basic highlights/low lights:

– I went second. But got the map where you play the long way, or 24″ away with Hammer and Anvil.

– My Wraithknight was untouched in T1 as a result, I get to put Fortune on him in T2 and send him up against a Vindicator using Ghostwalk to ensure my T1 charge. It was a risk, but my opponent rolled super duper hot. I took a Vindicator round in face, and he rolled 6 damage to boot… that was overwatch!

– His twin Whirlwinds were super annoying. They out ranged me and my twin Night spinners, and my Vibro’s. I had no deep threat so they went uncontested and plinked away at me all game (They are an amazing value now at… I want to say sub 90 points each?)

– Vibro Cannons had their worst game ever. That’s okay, I have a good sample size now and know they just got unlucky.

– Wraithknight kills a Vindicator, and then dies unceremoniously from tons of shooting from Termie missiles, Vindicator shots, Librarian Dreadnought fire and Smite… etc. I hardly saved any Fortune rolls. He dies T2. It’s worth its own debate, however the big discussion in my mind with this guy is: Is he worth the one-two turns he lasts in this meta? He did tank a full turn of firepower for the army, He killed half a vindicator in return.

– Let me see if I can upload a picture or two here…..

So I take 6 wounds going in, destroy the vindicator, but am easily taken down by whirlwinds, another vindicator, and some termies, and the Libby Dreadnought.

I counter with some nasty counter punch from my Wraith Axe/shield dudes. I only passed one out of 4 powers this turn, and as a result I was seriously on my back foot:

– My Wraiths here get a charge off (previous turn) from their Serpent, and they receive Protect. I fail Jinx on his termies. I fail Smite. I fail Fortune on the Wraiths. It was bad even with rerolls AND Seer Council in effect.

– I only kill 2 Termies, fail to hurt his Libby Dread. This combat would go on for 3 turns, before I finally win it with only 2 of my 5 Wriaths Left. I rolled horribly all game but this squad made good on most of their Invuln saves.

– I was fearful of losing my HQ’s because as my frontline of Wraiths dissipated I could see a problem hiding my HQ’s.

– The following scene on the top of the table (the other half of my deployment zone) was even more depressing, and bordered on the obscene!

– So here’s basically how this unfolded:

– BA Deepstrike 2 characters with Banners to help with rerolls, attacks, etc. The third character he comes in with is the white guy. I have a nickname for him I can’t say on the forum, but I think he’s technically a Sanqinary HQ guy…crazy good in any game I’ve faced him. Nearly godlike. His body guard ALSO came in with him (the black dudes.. Sanquinairy guard.).

– the BA May have made all their charges against my Wraiths at the bottom of the table with his Termies, and scouts, etc, but here, in this picture, he fails EVERY single charge against my Loaded Wave Serpent. He was really disappointed in this, but I don’t think it was a huge deal because I am very confident her could not have ‘wrapped’ the vehicle from there, and therefore my DScythe Wraiths would have gotten out anyway… but there you go, he fails a few charges, and therefore won’t charge with the rest anyway.

– So in my turn I get my dudes out of the Serpent, they fire all Scythe Flamers who I believe were hit 9 times. (not great, but with a 2+ save, he’s in trouble.) OF COURSE he plays ” Transhuman Physiology”!!! So my ‘to wound’ rolls turn into a 4+ instead of… I believe a 2+. And since I failed “Doom” there’s literally nothing I can do about it. I do 3 wounds total. He saves 1 on a 6+ and another on his 5++ FnP! I take out exactly one half of one model! That has left me in such a bad state, and he is now free to attack at will.

– Now his turn comes up, he moves all those guys and this is even crazier… he can’t stop me from overwatch (he doesn’t have the ‘no overwatch relic toting Smash Captain’ in this list). So I’m thinking this is it right? He charges with the entire Sanquinary Guard, I hit 11 times in overwatch! YES! Take that space goons… no Transhuman Physiology this time!!! I wound him 10 times as a result. His save is 6+ (because I failed Jinx).

(Drumroll please…) He rolls five 6 up saves, and then three 5++ FnP saves. Meaning, I have wounded him a staggering, 1 time. That means in two turns of shooting, I have now removed a grand total of 1 model from that squad. I am backed in my zone up there, and now he has charged my best defense to those goons, and the White HQ is (bizzarely) pulling ahead to take on a Serpent. The other HQ’s split up and start punching Vibro Cannons in the face.

I’m in HUGE trouble. His Guard annihilate the poor, useless, Dscythe Wraiths, but somehow his super HQ literally falls 1 wound short of killing my Wave Serpent. This is key, you’ll see why in a minute….

– I quickly figure out my best case scenario. Down field is still out of the question. I take a healthy Wave Serpent, and charge downfield towards his remaining Vindicator. That works, I have shut it down for a turn….

– I get all buffs off on my Axe Shield Wraiths. With 3 models left, I kill his Termies, and Libby Dread (Finally! But in my defense without Psychic buffs, this army and this squad particularly are lethargic). 

– The big problem is at the top of the board though. I now have ‘decent’ control of the bottom of the board, and am about to overtake him in Maelstrom points, even though I’m going extinct faster than… err, the Eldar race.

– I retreat my 1 wound Wave Serpent from his “White” Sanquinary Hq. I ignore his banner HQ’s even though they are destroying my Vibro’s for single kill points every turn.

– I hit his White Sanguinary HQ with Jinx, and Doom. Then (another drum roll please): I shoot my 2 Night Spinners, 5 remaining Rangers, Wave Serpent Cannons, and Wriathlord EML at his HQ and with all those buffs, I fail to kill him. I have nothing left to shoot at him. He feels like he’s going to live because my closest ‘stabby’ unit is my Wraithlord at 11 inches! But then I tell him I am dispersing the shields from my 1 wound Serpent at him (I saved 1 Cp for this moment). I get it off, and put 2 wounds on him, he fails his FnP and I get 4 points out of that kill, which includes Slay the Warlord.

– He still has a full sanqinary Guard squad, and Banner HQ’s, and Whirlwinds, with Intercessors and one Vindicator, but he loses the game.

Insane. I shouldn’t have won at all. I think my opponent disagreed with me, but my honest assessment was he was blowing the heck out of my army and his aggressive HQ lost him the game. I think he was saving so much stuff, and getting used to touching, and therfore annihilating everything he touched, that he thought his HQ would do the same, but it didn’t happen with that serpent. Then his HQ became the closest model to many of my units and I barely did it, but pulled off the kill that would net me victory.

So while this is a ‘win’. I consider it a ‘playing win’. Which is how most of my games go with this army. I’m typically quite out destroyed and nearly tabled with most of my games with my Eldar. It’s not a great army, and MUST have psychic firing on all cylinders. It’s definitely one of my least forgiving, and difficult armies to play. 

I am happy to have won, but it felt a bit… dirty how I had to do it. I was severely depleted. At this point I think I am dissasembling some of the list. The Wraithknight has to go. I need some mobility back. I don’t do near enough damage.

When I asked my opponent what he felt in my army was most damaging. He had trouble finding a unit that did anything of consequence, but he did think the dual Night Spinners were really decent against his Primaris units (I had no cover on my army). 

And that’s the latest from my Eldar Follies.

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