Deathwatch Hobby Update: Getting close to selling.

As I get through my second.. or is it third (?) time with these guys, I think it’s getting close to sell-able. Let’s see what I have completed as of today…

Let’s start at the top with the HQ’s. We have Artemis (a great model really and I thought they might “Primaris-ize” him or the Watchmaster. Then we have a Watchmaster, then a very limited Marine Captain in Terminator armour which I often used as a special Gauntlet weapon. Finally we have the Librarian.

Primaris in single file.

So I have a decent amount of the troop Primaris. A few of the Grenade launchers help too. A few of these are Stalker Bolters which I think help the army a lot.

Here’s the same squad. I really liked using the Dark Angels’ model as a Sarge for the Deathwatch.

Reivers are a great model imho. I think they’re a fair harassment unit especially with Doctrines.

On to the big stuff… Repulsor and Rhino/Razorback visible here. Swappable Razorback turret for Rhino use. And the Repulsor can swap out some of the guns… primarily the single las sponson for the Onslaught Gatling Cannon which might be a better option for the Heavy Doctrine.

The Corvus Blackstar is such a cool model to me. It’s iconic for the Deathwatch. I kept the assault cannons removable so I can plop on dual Lascannons…. which might be a good idea considering access to the Space Marines Strategems that let you move and shoot without penalty.

I also really like the very basic Dreadnought load out of a twin Lascannon and Missile Launcher.

Drop Pods are back in vogue again since regaining T1 Deepstrike.

I still really like the Hellblaster models… still an effective squad in a Repulsor, or deepstriking.

Veterans galore. The meat and potatoes of the army. We have a few of the various weapon loadouts… Shields, Stormbolters, Swords, cannons, etc.

Thanks for checking out the Deathwatch. I have a decent collection near completion I’ll be adding shortly!



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