Prot’s Hobby/Life update: The Blog, Admech, Custodes, 9th Ed, Army Sale (?) and more.

Hello to everyone. It’s been a while. Work has had me busier than perhaps I’ve ever been during this period as everyone is getting used to a new ‘normal’ with Covid-19. My apologies for not being more active, but my field of expertise (virtualization technologies) has me overwhelmed with projects, and no real break in sight.

That said when I do have time, I am really just getting the odd game in here, and there. My Hobby time is so restricted, I really haven’t even had time to assemble some new Adeptus Mechanicus kits I’ve had for over 3 weeks! I’m normally right on top of the new stuff!

Anyway, all this being said I have a lot of news. First off I’ve decided the Blog may be coming to a close. I’ve realized the work this takes for one person to maintain, and constantly add new content is perhaps more than I can handle now. Especially with the cost of running the Blog. (I pay for the hosting through WordPress, and the cost of registering the Domain every year adds up.) I may decide on a technical blog as well. The renewal comes soon. We’ll see if I can pull it off.

On a lighter side, I am close to finishing my Adeptus Mechanics army to a standard I am happy with. This has been a multi year undertaking and the full gallery will feature this image, and it looks like I may be willing to sell the army as whole. (I know I said I wouldn’t do it, but I also said this of my 3rd Ultramarines army (for which I received an offer I could not refuse!)

New full Gallery coming soon. Featuring plenty of PEW PEW!

I finally finished a repaint of my Adeptus Mechanicus newer units: the Dunerider/Skorpius Chassis:

5 of the ‘newer’ AdMech Chassis Skorpius Disintegrator/Dunerider.

These were a bit more difficult than I thought they would be. The main gun on most of them is interchangeable. I wasn’t sure what 9th edition for 40K would bring for Adeptus Mechanicus, but it looks solid going forward!

The Dunerider has been a fantastic add on. Perhaps only surpassed by it’s brother….
The fully operational Skorpius Disintegrator!

A pretty fun, and vital component to Admech in 8th edition and 9th edition. I don’t think coming to an enemy is ever going to be a huge strong point of the army, however, having indirect fire makes it a little easier to interact with those hidden enemy units. Especially in 9th edition where we see the return of Obscurement in terrain. I have had test games where these guys are still a very prominent part of the game.

Hobby wise, I did a full repaint on all 5 vehicles.

The reason I did a full repaint is the original look of the chassis was too dark. Not that I minded, however I realized all the lighting effects appeared too stark, and I put a lot of weathering detail will multiple types of products including oil streaking, powdered effects, sand effects, and burnt/worn areas. These show up a lot better now, and I’m happy with the final effect.

I think I’d miss these guys the most if they sold. I don’t often enjoy painting vehicles, but these ones really feel like the backbone of the army.


Moving on we have some updates for Custodes. I painted many squads of the Guardians, and sold them. Then I did another army of them which all sold, and now I’ve been slowly rebuilding this one.

Since War of the Spider just came out, I got in a “9th Edition Test Game” featuring my Custodes vs. the Orks. We don’t have all the rules so we used new table size, new terrain, new shooting, and an assortment of the other rules we could find. I will be posting a battle report in the next day or so based on this game:

“Never tell me the odds!”

My “headless’ Allarus Shield-Captain-Commander is seen in this sneak peak. Trust me this is one bloody, game of mutual destruction. It was a cool game to start 9th edition (coming soon)!

Thank you for tuning in. See you shortly,



  • I’ll be sad to see this blog go if you decide to close the doors, I really enjoy your batreps and your hobby updates. I totally get the time sink tho, and the hosting $$ (I do the same for my Kings of War blog, but have no idea if anyone besides me cares). Looking forward to that report in the meantime! Custodes came out of PA well, it seems.


    • Although I suppose I receive a decent level of traffic for a hobby site, as you know it’s not even close to paying for itself (in my case at least). I really did it for the love of the hobby. That and the requests I would get for so many tutorials and this seemed like a logical place to put them in one spot. It’s definitely a labour of love with no real pay off, other than sharing the hobby we love. Thanks so much for the compliment. It means a lot.


  • I started to follow you not so long ago and so far I love what you have posted. But your reason to leave is valid and of course you should do what is best for you. I hope to see your work in other place (I know you post a bit on B&C forum). But I love custodes (play them myself and I´m thinking to have them to be my main army in 9ed) so I can´t wait for that report 🙂


    • Thank you. Custodes tutorials are one of my most requested “how to” articles. I really think it’s starting to seem like Custodes will naturally adapt well to 9th edition core rules. Their ability to close the gap on the smaller table and use new terrain rules means most of the units have a role. Thanks for following the journey.


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