Deathwatch going up for Sale

After that massive Ultramarines update I thought it was time to show some pictures from my Deathwatch army that will be going up for sale. (I can be contacted privately through this blog – otherwise it will appear on eBay shortly.)

It is exciting to me that the Deathwatch Supplement is due out in the next month (as I write this). But it is unfortunate that I simply can’t keep it right now. My hunch is the supplement will be just fine. I believe SIA may never be the same, but the Deathwatch’s ability to use most codex units makes a big difference in the long run.

So the first part of this post I’m simply going to put up a bunch of pictures of the army sold as is, with some special mentions:

The army as a whole, sold as is.

We are looking at: Rhino (can be used as Razorback, Drop Pod, Repulsor, Corvus Blackstar, Ven Dread, lots of first born Vet troops, a few HQ’s, and of course some Primaris, and special weapons.

A close up of the Corvus.
Another shot of the corvus. It has some of the collector’s edition transfers on it.

Note the weapons are mostly press fit. You can see the baggy of bits for changing the front guns/missiles.

Some Firstborn vehicles.

As you can see the Pod is nothing special, but the Rhino can be used as a Razorback. The Dread has a missile arm press fit swapable.

Some Deathwatch Vets

A few options for vet load outs. Mostly straight troops with a few shields, a heavy hammer (Vanguard) and bolters/stormbolters, and powerswords/chainswords.

Pics of the specials weapons.

Here’s a mix of special weapons troops in the front of the vets, including shotgun, Infernus Heavy Bolter, and Stalkers, a few Frag Cannons.

Here’s a different picture of the Special Weapons Vets.
Some Primaris.

Here’s a squad of Deathwatch Primaris with a special Dark Angels Sarge with Powerweapon.

More Primaris: Inceptor, and a squad of Reivers.

More Deathwatch Primaris…

This time we have a squad of Hellblasters.

Repulsor close up

You can see the base is magnetized and there is a bits bag to swap out some of the weapons.

Repulsor again.

The Repulsor on its base.

Finally the HQ’s.

The Deathwatch characters, Artemis, Watchmaster, and Librarian (Codicier Nate!)

Another shot of the HQ’s.

That’s the army. Probably difficult to see are the Terminators. Two of them have Assault Cannons, and one has the Cyclone Missile launcher.

Here’s a shot of the 5 Termies

What follows below are just miscellaneous shots of the army to give you some additional angles.

Well I think that’s about it for the images of the Deathwatch! I’m very curious to see that Supplement.



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