Some Eldar Craftworlds Hobby time! Farseer Completed.

Before anyone asks, yup I still use a foot bound Farseer in my lists. Lately it’s been hard to make functional lists for Eldar, especially since I don’t currently use any Harlequins.

Sticking with my high contrast theme, the Farseer is quite flashy.
Gemstones always take time, but this northern lights/space scene took me a very long time until I was happy with it.
He’s ready to roll with in my foot bound list.

I think he’s finally a center piece I can be happy with. I knew he would be a fair amount of labour, and it’s always a far different approach when you are painting entire armies, and you can really only take so much time on one unit or character. It becomes a time killer. But it is nice to put a center piece or two in your army.

Thanks for checking it out! Hopefully Eldar get a substantial face lift in 9th ed!



  • The designs on the cloak look absolutely gorgeous.

    And no shame in using a foot-slogging Farseer! I run one in most of my lists, and don’t use Harlequins either. I suppose it depends on what kind of local meta you’re playing in, but I don’t find they do too bad in my lists.


    • Thanks mick. I really appreciate it. In a competitive meta it can be a little tricky playing those models we may like the look of but aren’t considered ‘top tier’. But I agree, he works well for a foot slogger list!


  • is there a whole Eldar army shot somewhere? love this army


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