Hobby Update: Mechanicus for 2021 – Serberys Raiders

I think we’re all looking forward to putting this past year in the rear view mirror. I for one would love to get back to rolling dice more regularly, and getting back to social distancing by choice! Not by law! 😉

Typically you’re here to see Hobby Content, and not bad humour, so let’s get on with it. Adeptus Mechanicus…. is one of my favourite armies in background and appearance. They have been one of my largest armies in 8th – 9th edition. The problem is I find them very, very tedious to paint and even assemble.

Remember where this piece came from? One of my favourite box sets of 8th edition. (Even though not AdMech design, it all points to Mars!)

Looking to 2021 I want to finish much of the mass of Mechanicus I added to my collection in 8th edition!

Being a little uncertain what the codex in 9th holds for this unit, I decided to stick with the Serberys Raider design. The fragile nature, but speed of the unit are kind of a weird combination for 9th edition, especially on that smaller board. To be fair, it is their Strategem that makes them something worth considering, but not an auto-take by far.

Once again, such detailed, little figures.

Games Workshop did a great job on the design, and appearance of the models. I found them extremely slow to paint… these are the days you miss painting marines!

Fragile, fast and mildly stabby. Ponies from Mars!

Hopefully these guys have a strong use in the new codex. I don’t think a lot of the newest units really made much of an impact in the meta, but perhaps my favourite – the Archaeopters are up next. This is another very intricate model that I’ve started, and put down since the day it came out. It’s time to finish some of this stuff!

Thanks for checking out the Raiders. I haven’t seen a lot of them painted so I really just stuck to my standard Mars theme.


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