More Adeptus Mechanicus for 9th Edition

The Machines never stop! And they are quite demanding!!!

Again Mechanicus are probably one of my largest armies, and I’ve never sold them (shockingly!) But I find them slow to paint, and I’m never a big fan of assembly, however I do LOVE the Admech. I love the background, I love the army on the table, and it looks great.

If you get a chance, read The Great Work by Guy Haley. Even if you don’t love Cawl as much as I do, I guarantee there is some fantastic info on Primaris, Imperium, Necrons, heck… lots of spoilers here I have to be careful of. Trust me, it’s a great book! One of my favourites in the modern era of 40K Fiction.

Anyway, on to the freshly completed stuff! Archaeopters:

There’s a reason these models sit around a long time on my shelf. This is another slow paint, tedious model!
The Archaeopters have two decent builds right now in my opinion. The bomber is my favourite.

So the Fusilave is my favourite. These are cool looking flyers in my opinion but what’s the deal with the design of these? I mean almost every release for AdMech, post Skorpius, is incredibly difficult to transport!! I’m not sure how I can get these to the store/tournaments without taking a trip to ‘snap city’.

The good news is did a very basic magnetization job on the bomb array, and the front weapons so I can easily swap from Fusilave to the lascannon build; Stratoraptor.

Next up…. this is another model type I really don’t enjoy assembling, and painting is slow. As a result I think these have been sitting around even longer than the Archaopters:

Ironstrider Ballistarii:

Four Ballistarii!

Part of the delay is a light magnetization job I did. The ‘riders’ have a short metal rod between their hands. All of the weapon mounds have very small magnets on the back of them which attach to the Riders’ hand-rods. It’s not the tightest hold, but it allows me to swap between the lascannons, and the autocannons.

That’s it for now. I still have Admech sitting around that needs attention, but I also have some Ultra’s, and even Custodes I could be catching up on! Thanks for checking it out.


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