Prot’s Necron History, and a New-cron Project

They’re back…..

Hey, it’s been a while since I updated here, but no fear… I have been working on some stuff I’ve had sitting around.

I came into a large pile o’ Necrons and the best part is it didn’t cost me an arm and a particle whip!

I’ve always loved Necrons, and first played them way back when they were just ‘space pirates’ in old White Dwarf articles. (Man, I miss those old White Dwarf articles.)

With that I picked up some of the old, but very first metal models. Trust me you could put these models in an old sock and go rob a convenience store with them!

For me it was always the imagery…. and the idea behind this race as being ancient beyond belief, and entire devoid of human nature. Perhaps this has changed a bit over the years, but the premise is still the same.

Eventually the line expanded into the amazing table top space/battle game: Battlefleet Gothic:

Above is a Cairn Tomb ship. Pure metal. It was the size of a mini-throwing star except more blunt edged, than sharp. You could definitely knock someone out with this guy.

The Necron Cairn Tomb ship and her brethren were notoriously difficult ships to kill in Battlefleet Gothic. I had a full fleet of these guys which was only a handful of models but you felt ommipotent in the game, flying around the ‘lesser races’ as they tried to keep up with you.

These are some of the ‘old crons’ I talk of. We don’t speak often of this era, but when we do, we prefer to forget about the shrunken robot head steering the sled (Destroyer) seen above on the right side.
This is one of the older pics I could find of a lord. We all had him, even if you didn’t play Necrons.

The above picture is what I call the “Tube” era of Necrons. It was a unique idea where we inserted plastic rods into anything that was supposed to be a weapon. A gun? Tube it. A spear? Tube it. Everything had a tube…some had multiple tubes. More tubes = more power.

So we went from the tiny sampling of White Dwarf article metallic models and finally got into plastics.

When Necrons finally went Plastic, this was one of the first ones I painted in my “new” scheme way back in the day. These models still had metal arms and often made ‘balancing’ a very difficult prospect.
Then we saw an update to our blob of warriors with models like this guy.

By the time we hit 5th edition, things got ugly. I still had a large Necron army, but it was not the best of times…

Yes… Necrons have feelings too!

At this point I kept playing… in fact it wasn’t until 8th edition that I did not have a Necron army! Now that I think of it, I played Necrons since inception, right up until 8th, and skipped them entirely, and here I am back again. So moving on to the present…

I decided on a scheme that will look nice on the table, but not take weeks to complete a model. I started with a pair of Doom Stalkers

It’s got a hint of Szarekhan feel to it, but I try to keep it dirty and give it a ‘War of the Worlds’ feel to it.

Sorry for the potato pictures, I just wanted to get some pics uploaded and I will revisit this with more models in the future but for now, here’s what I’ve done:

Burnished golds, and weathered metallics are given a beaten up look with several washes, and picking out highlights. The base I decided on is to give a brighter contrast to the beaten, worn look of the overall model.

So that’s it for pictures for now. This is all I have done and there’s quite a few models in the collection I came into. My hope is to have 2K playable quite soon. I’ve had a few games already and I’m pretty happy with how they ‘feel’ on the table… the large Warrior squads are definitely reminiscent of years gone by.

Thanks for checking in! I hope to have some more Newcrons for you to check out soon. In the meantime, I may be putting up a large Mechanicus Army for sale! (Many pics can be seen on my blog.)

See you soon.

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