Prot’s Custodes Go Up for Sale

Yet another army going up soon. If you would like to make a serious offer, please contact me through the blog. Otherwise, please enjoy the pictures!

Here we have the full force on display with a bonus of Allarus Terminators. (They needed minor repairs)
Here we have the mighty twins… the Telemon Dreadnoughts.
A couple of notable characters including a Banner bearer, and Trajan Valoris.
Here’s a front shot of the tank.
And the rear…
The Virtus Praetors (Bikes) are magnetized for easy transport.
The Bikers are lead by a Captain on Dawn Eagle jet bike.
Another of him…
And another!
The Bikes are magnetized at the spear arm, and the bases are magnetized too.
Almost forgot about Valarian….
A WIP (Mostly completed) Contemptor I’m throwing in. He does have a magetized ranged arm.
As shown above.
Here come some troops…. 10 Guardians with Spears.
And 4 Guardians with Shields.
Three Sagittarum.
And Three Venatri.
Venatari from a different angle.

Bonus stuff:

You get these 4 Allarus Terminators as is. And 2 WIIP, mostly complete bikes thrown in.

The Allarus required some minor repairs on the ‘spear’ or pointy part of their axes. I tried to repair them with super glue, and just wanted to be upfront about that. As you can see they seem okay.

Some general shots of the army:

2 Sheets of Laser cut foam for the majority of the army is in the box.
Guardian Troops.
HQ and some heavies.
Trajan and Valerian
Guardians and Venatari
The Allarus Terminators.

This army features the following:

Characters: Trajann Valoris, Valerian, Captain on Dawn Eagle (Jetbike), and a Banner Bearer (Vexilus Praetor).

Troops include: 10 Guardians with Spears. 4 Guardians with Shields. And 3 Sagittarum.

Fast Attack: 3 Virtus Praetor (Bikers) A couple of the bikes have push/pull apart weapons to swap between bolters and missiles. Also there are 3 of the Venatari. NOTE: The Bikes have magnetized bases, and a spear arm for easy use.

Heavy Support: 2 Telemon Dreadnoughts. The arms are magnetized and you can see the options in the pictures. These are the only 2 Forgeworld Models I bought used and weren’t ‘perfect’. I purchased all the other Forgeworld items directly from Forgeworld. (Venatar, Caldius Grav Tank, Sagittarum).

There is the Caldius Grav Tank, and a Contemptor Dread with a magnetized arm.

I included as a bonus a squad of 4 Allarus Terminators. Their weapons had to be slightly repaired. The spikes in particular needed regluing. I just want to be upfront about that. There are also 2 bikes that are mostly complete WIPs.

Thanks for having a look!

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