Aeldari / Craftworlds / Eldar army going up for sale!

I really debated selling this army, but I’ll see what happens. As usual if you’re interested we can work something out here, and the army will appear on eBay otherwise. Everything I’ve posted up on the blog that has made its way to eBay has sold in a week on average (sometimes 2 days).

This time we have this unique scheme I came up with. I will say this army is sold “as is” because I did not put all of it together and it has therefore different levels of assembly put towards it. Also the bases for vehicles aren’t finished, because I magnetized most of them and this took time, but the hard part is done.

There is the odd piece that perhaps is not 100% finished but is worth putting into the sale for your future use and consideration.

Without further delay, here’s the Aeldari:

5 Weapon platforms. The guns are ‘press fit’ so you can swap some of them.
Here are some troops: Dire avengers and Scouts. (Scouts are resin.)
These are some of my favourite models in the army. Wraiths with axes and shields, and you can see 2 Spirit seers.
And we have 5 more Wraiths with ranged weapons.
Here are 2 Falcons.
Here’s the 3 Night Spinners.
And the 2 Wave Serpents!

Well that’s it (I think for ground skimmer type vehicles. I apparently really like them. 🙂 )

Here’s a collection of HQ’s. The Wraithlord is in here as well. His shoulder mounted gun is simply pinned into position so it can be swapped out. We also have Warlork and Farseer on bike, Farseer on foot, and an Autarch on bike.
A shot of the cloak work and close ups of HQ bikers:
Loved doing these biker models.
And we have 2 Flyers as well. Crimson Hunter has magnetzed wing weapons as shown above, and a Wraith Fighter.
Another shot of them.

And the centerpiece: the Yncarne.

A really fun figure to paint.
I kept the Yncarne based on a set of colours that work with the overal scheme of the army.

And here are some parting shots of the entire army from some different angles:

And here is the majority in laser cut foam:

If you’d like to contact me, please do so through the blog.

Thank you for checking out the Craftworlds / Aeldari army.



  • Wow. As an Eldar-main player, I gotta say that this is an absolutely gorgeous army. The color gradients and the hull patterning are just on point and…wow. There’s just so much that I like about the way that these are done up. Gorgeous, gorgeous work, man.

    I’m not in a place where I can store or afford to take on another army, unfortunately, but I hope you’re able to find a good home for them!


    • Thank you. In a way I hope they don’t sell. I really worked hard a unique scheme. I wanted a look I’ve never done before and with high contrast.


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