Prot’s Necrons Showcase for 9th

I’ve actually put a lot of time into the Necrons over the past year, and I’ve just been unable to really update the blog with some pictures.

This isn’t the whole army but it’s all I’ve got pictures of for now. I have a lot of stuff done. To my surprised I’ve really enjoyed painting these, and love playing them. I forgot how much I enjoyed the concept and background of the army. It still plays similarly to the old days, but obviously with a greater range of strategies and playstyles.

Here’s a pre game shot here. I’m about to play against Blood Angels.

The Void Dragon C’tan is a darn cool model. Probably one of the least effective C’tans in competitive play, and I do own the Nightbringer. This is just a really cool model, and therefore, he’s the C’tan I use in most games.

And here’s a pile of HQ’s above. I loved painting the Skorpekh Lord, and the Indomitus Lord is also a great sculpt. Plus you gotta use those Crptothralls for action monkeys!

A lot of these models were not my own and I had to work a bit to get them functional and WYSWYG. The Lychguard are something I painted in past armies, but the new scheme is fun and I need to use Lychguard in more lists so I thought I’d do up 10 for the new army.

Ophidian Destroyers. What fun models to paint. A little wonky to build. They just feel like they are going to visit snap city. They feel a little over costed in games, but they are fun.

Skorpekh Destroyers! Possibly my favourite new models. This is a big reason why I keep trying to make Close Combat work with my Necron lists. These guys and the Skorpekh Lord are just incredibly great models on the field.

Here we have some repainted Immortals. I actually like Tesla and did this prior to the points drop.

Although I have completed 2 x 20 man squads of warriors, I only have the picture of these 20 Gauss Reaper dudes. I have 20 more of the Gauss Flayer, and need to do another 20 Gauss reapers! In all honesty they can be a real grind to get through. I did 40 back to back.

Doomstalkers are really fun models to paint. I don’t think they’re particularly great at BS 4 they leave a lot to be desired with all the -1 in the game. (And the recent cost reduction in Doomsday Arks) But again, great models.

And finally for this installment we have one of my favorite units; the Hexmark Destroyer. An incredibly cool model, and extremely flexible, and tactically useful in most games.

Well I hope you enjoyed that update. I still work a lot on the Necrons every week, and right now I’m trying to get going on my Silent King!

Thanks for checking this out.


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