Thousand Sons Hobby Update: Infernal Master

It’s time to finally call this guy ‘finished’. I have been using a proxy for a while and I think the actual model is perfect so I didn’t change a thing.

A couple of notes about the decisions…

I had started with his flames on the back pack as a greenish hue as I had seen in some of the previews of the model, but the more I worked with it, the more I wanted the contrast of good ol’ red-yellow-orange type flames. The whole army has so many blues/greens that I wanted him to really stock out.

From the side you can see some really difficult to reach spots. I highly recommend gluing him on a smaller base, and painting him in a manner that lets you reach behind that cloak and tabbard.

I stuck with my “Immaterium Celestial Star Cloak” look! I love doing it. It does add a lot of time, but again the Infernal Master’s star cloak is very different from Ahriman’s, and the Exalted Sorc cloaks.

I kept the scarabs red as an homage to the preheresy colour scheme. The little daemons were fun to do too.

An extreme close up of the head/upper body. A really nice model. I like how unique they were with the helm, and the Scarab badge is a great touch.

Thanks for checking in! The Thousand Sons may be the next to be sold! (So far three armies have sold this summer.)


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