Thousand Sons Hobby Update: Army Status

It’s time for an update with the Thousand Sons. I had to flesh out the Infantry to include some new Rubric Flamers, and some new Sorcerer HQ’s that could be used in Rubric squads, or even as Sorcerer “thralls” using the cool new rule that allows you to include a Sorcerer thrall outside of the normal HQ limits for every Exalted Sorcerer you have in your Detachment. Now let’s have a look at some pics I took for eBay!!

Here’s a collection of all those new and old troops alike! SOOoooo much work painting these Thousand Sons. This army just takes forever to paint.

More of these troops….

The above shows the specific models I just finished. This includes the much improved Soul Reaper Cannon, flamers, and HQ’s/Rubric Aspiring Sorcs.

This includes the improved 10 man Scarab Occult Termies.

Termies close up!

And here are the Dreadnaughts. The Decimator has Soulburners attached, and the Contemptor has Lascannons that can be swapped out for something else.

Here come the HQ’s starting with Ahriman.

Ahriman’s cloak.

The Exalted Sorc.

Infernal Master

And finally the Daemon Prince with ‘wings’ (Disk):

The HQ’s together:

And there you have it. This is all the painted models I’ve done on this army. I’m finding this to be one of the slowest armies I’ve painted in a long time, but I think it’s worth it seeing it on the table!

Thanks for checking it out. I leave you with the whole army shot (a tad infantry heavy, but I like how it plays!)


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