Black Legion Batrep VS. Sisters of Battle (new DTTFE ability)

Well I had the game, and it was against SoB, It was interesting, the ‘new’ ability?.. a bit lackluster perhaps. For those that don’t know recently GW did a bit of a rebalance. Chaos got to extend their DTTFE(emperor) ability towards…. well Death to the False Everyone!

Actually in all honesty what this game did was remind me how much frustration I personally feel towards GW for not giving Chaos CSM a real short-term fix for all the things we talk about that date the code so badly. As the main ‘bad guy’ in this wonderful setting, it’s just a painful reminder of ‘what could be’. But I’ll stop myself right there…. I’ve been ‘the chaos guy’ in my area for 20+ years now, and it’s just a faction I clearly love, and hate seeing it so ignored for the existence of 9th ed. 

The thing is since I played SoB, the ‘new’ rules were not exactly going to move the needle that much for me. I will say in creating my list for this game the following ideas played on my mind:

1. People (internet) were basically saying “don’t build a list around this rule, it simply won’t work”.

2. Other factions clearly out class us by a country mile, but the list building CAN still include scoring mechanisms which don’t necessarily care if you are the best/worst faction in the game.

3. The tweak to DTTFE naturally promotes aggressive play, but with out current codex, the army is (overall) not nearly resilient in an edition we can all probably agree is one of the most ‘killy’ in the past decades.

And with that in mind, I put it all together and came up with a list that works on parts 2, and 3 above: IE: Lots of crappy, single wound models, that all carry BBQ skewers and yell angry stuff as they push for board control.

So here’s some pics….Keep in mind the SoB list was far from optimized but always has a good handle on killing marines.

Since this is a light batrep, let’s just jump in. At the very least I should add the 2K match was played on Overrun.

I, thankfully, did not win the roll to go first. Here are the highlights/lowlights:

‘Zerkers are in the red rhino, the Helbrutes, and Cultists are well hidden.
  • SoB has turn one, however not much can be done. We both have Engage as a secondary, and I don’t think that was a great choice for him as I would be the aggressor.
  • In Black Legion Turn 1, I would try to give my opponent numerous targets and although I tried to Warp Time the Rhino, the SoB ability to simply deny powers on a 5++ would be a theme this game. With the Rhino stuck at mid, the Retributors Melta cracked it open. I put most of the Zerkers in ruins to prevent a wholesale slaughter. 3 of 10 lived, and it was a good day.
Here we see said Rhino getting pulverized on the canceled Warp Time.
  • SoB continue to push out a bit, and since they went first they came in with some Seraphim in my rear quarter. It was a sassy move, but with flamers and a myriad of other shots, it resulted in 13 of 15 Cultists dying! I would prevent them from running, and use the Strat to bring them back in the very same corner to kill off the Seraphim. (The Seraphim with cover took a staggering amount of shots to kill!)
Abaddon comes in for the kill. Death to the False <insert victim here>.
  • Here’s the thing… in my second turn I dropped in the 5 Termies with Claws. I shot a billion shots at the Sisters with the bolters and just did so little damage… 3+ is 3+ even with only T3.
  • Since they were with Abaddon, I gave them MoK with re-roll to charge. So I fail BOTH attempts to get the Termies in, and I wanted Abe in so badly even if he died (I know he would have smoked a lot of Sacresants which are deadly to 2 wound Termies). But even with a CP, I fail both charges. That’s 4 failed charge attempts in this corner.
  • The brutal part of this failure is I used the 3 CP Black Legion strat to disable all his ability to own that objective if a BL unit is on it. Ouch.
  • Not only that but Harkaan The “World Claimer” fails his charge, but at least the remaining Zerkers and the Raptors make it in. They have MoS so they can proc DTTFE (Death to the False Everyone).
  • Results of assaults: Khorne Berzerkers actually with Fight twice, and chainsword/axe, actually killed about 4 Sacresants.(I don’t know why the SoB did not interrupt here.) The Raptors with Chainswords and proc’ing DTTFE on 5+ while re-rolling all to hit with Harkaan only killed 2 models. In turn all my assaulters that turn were wiped to a man. Oops.

SOB retaliate….

  • I forgot to mention I did have my 2 squads of Havoks. I’m thinking of dropping them… they just don’t do a heck of a lot for me in general and less so with the lack of re-rolls. So on the right side I was failing miserably to take down the SoB tank which was using indirect Blast shots to clear out my infantry.
  • This turn the SoB would focus on the Termies, and the Havoks. Somehow my Havoks largely survived. But Vaul wants a piece of Harkaan, and although I think he’s a terrible character, he didn’t deserve the fate he was dealt…
With the Raptors wiped out, it was up to Haarken “Worldclamer” and his incredibly bad spear/rules to take down essentially a female Primarch. Good luck….
  • With Haarken wiped out, he will clearly go back in the foam tray for perhaps another year (depends on when/if GW finally visit CSM.)
  • The SoB also shot at the Black Legion Termies and I gotta say with only 2 wounds it is incredibly hard to keep 5 models around. I think 2 and a half died to low end, massed firepower.

Revenge of the Old Codex!

  • Finally in T3 Abaddon and his remaining cohort of baddies decide to spend ANOTHER 3 CP on the strat that basically says the SoB have zero presence on the objective marker while any Black Legion units are on it. This is one of the rare, but truly cool Black Legion Strats and I used it whenever possible. In this case Abbadon would proc Death to the False Everyone on 5+, and reroll all to hit. This would kill most of a 15 person SoB troops quad, and a few Sacresants (which were also charged by Black Legion troops of all things!)
  • On the opposite side my Chaingun Havoks smoked the Sacresants by dousing them with 4.8 trillion shots (VotLW + Cacophony).
Death to the False Everyone was hitting on 5’s here. I even re-rolled several ‘hits’ just to try to proc more.
  • On the far right side, my Havoks finally kill the SoB tank, and a remaining 3 Marines with chainswords smash into an SoB squad and they kill about 4 of them. Nothing great.
  • A big moment here… after Vaul smoked Haarken, she had a bead on my 2 Helbrutes which couldn’t hit a barn today. I got Prescience off on one of the Helbrutes and he Charged Vaul, only hit 2 times (but one was a 6 so gave me an extra hit.) But only wounded once, which she saved! In return the Helbrute (and Sorc) is skewered by her tainted pointy stick.
  • The end game is near. After charging my troops in, and I should mention getting my 5++ invuln from my Apostle, I am in good board control.
  • The SoB are killing a ton. After the shooting phase, the Black Legion were down to 2 troops on one side. A Rhino (I plowed upwards just because I knew it would be ignored and still fetch me Engage on All Fronts) and somehow the Havoks survived.
The Helbrute and even a Sorc charge Vaul in hopes of killing her, but instead the Sorc is killed and the Helbrute is also killed.

  • With the end game in sight, my opponent knows he can’t win purely on points, but there is still a good amount of units left for him, but just not enough staying power for board control.
  • The Black Legion Terminators go down in a blaze of glory (?). Only Abaddon remains there.
  • The CSM troops are wiped there as well.
  • The CSM troops on the opposite end are wiped by flamers.
  • The Cultists are about the only troop I have left, but the strat I used last turn got me a ton of points while Abaddon lives. However aside from Havoks, I don’t have much left now.
  • Vaul, seeing the end is near, decided to ‘Hail Mary’ into the Black Legion edge:
Here Vaul tries for her second Helbrute, and third character! Is this going to come down to the book bearers in their bathrobes?
  • Vaul charged in and the Helbrute was certainly tempting, but she decided to go after the Dark Apostle. With his 4++ save, he managed to live with 1 wound (her attacks to 3 flat damage.) In return, the Dark Apostle (with relic potato masher) mashed her head in.
  • SoB had Assassinate so it was clearly in his best interest to go after his third character, but she finally ran out of steam!

End Game:

  • The end was a strong pull away on points by Black Legion. But typically I have to say it was another game of feeling strongly out damaged. The saving grace was aggressive board control. Between Banners, Engage, and Assassinate, I managed a decent score.
  • The biggest moment was the 3 CP strat to remove his ability to control the objective. What it did for me was: Put him down to 5 points on Primary, remove his Banner, give me 15 points on Primary (including hold more.) That was huge.
  • I would say that Strat was bigger than Death to the False Everything. It’s expensive, but in this moment it was big in tipping the game points.

Thanks for checking out the Batrep. Not sure what I will do. I can tweak this list, or perhaps put it to bed for a while as we wait for 2022 and hope for our 9th ed codex!


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