Prot’s Necrons For Sale

Here’s pics of all my completed Necrons to date: I am currently accepting offers. Please contact me through the blog. This will likely hit ebay shortly if no serious offer is forthcoming!

Please have a look…

Szarehk – The Silent King
The life of a captured C’tan…. listening to an eternity of dad jokes from Szarehk!
Immortals x 10 with Tesla Carbines
Warriors x 20 with Reapers
Warriors x 20 with Flayers
10 Lychguard plus C’tan – Void Dragon
The Void Dragon.
The Necron HQ’s: Skorpehk Lord, Szerars, 4 Cyrpteks, Lord, Destroyer Lord, Royal Warden… perhaps a little top heavy with upper management.
Skorpekh Destroyers x 6 with 2 Viral Constucts.
Skorpekhs pose for selfie with the boss….
Canoptek Doomstalkers x 2 and Canoptek Reanimators x 2.
The Crypteks x 4. A middle management meeting considers unionizing… let’s hope the boss doesn’t hear. (2 x Chronomancers, Technomancer, Plasmancer.
Lokhust Heavy Destroyers x 3.
Crypto thrall x 2, Ophidian Destroyers x 3, and the ever shooty Hexmark Destroyer.

EDIT: Added the updated Lokhust Destroyers and the Scarabs:

I noticed the Lokhust Heavy Destroyers were not put together correctly. I reassembled them and did some extra enamel/oil paint to weather them. I really like how they turned out.
15 Scarab bases! (Insert chitinous ticking noise here.)

What this army currently consists of:

The Silent King + 2 Cyrpo Thralls

HQ: Overlord, Szeras, Skorphek Lord, Destroyer Lord, Royal Warden, 4 Crypteks.

Troops: 20 Reaper Warriors, 20 Flayer Warriors, 10 Tesla Immortals

Elites: C’tan – Void Dragon, 6 Skorphek Destroyers, 10 Lychguard w/Shields, Canoptek Reanimators x 2, Hexmark Destroyer, Plasmacyte x 2.

Heavy: Lokhust Heavy Destroyers x 3, Canoptek Doomstalker x 2.

Fast: Ophidian Destroyers x 3.

Scarab Swarms x 15.

Most of it has its own foam trays:

The Silent King has Nappy Time in his foam tray.

Some parting Army Shots:

On behalf of ancient undead sleeping empires everywhere, thanks for checking this out.


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