Grimdark World Eaters Re-dux

(And Crowe isn’t happy…)

Bright and colourful World Eaters need not apply…

So I decided to pull out some old, unfinished World Eaters from back when we had that awesome Daemonkin Codex.

My goal was to start using some of the ‘Grimdark’ techniques I had picked up during my White Scars project. This meant more oils, enamels, and isopropyl/mineral spirits reduction methods on top of some of the ‘cleaner’ weathering I was already doing.

So let’s take a look at one of my oldest World Eater models vs. the newly completed World Eaters:

Mr. Happy Pants in the middle is actually all metal. You could put him in a sock and rob a bank with this guy. (Not actually recommended)

The idea is to stop the extreme highlighting. Come up with a few good base colours and do some airbrush work on the base colours so after the oils/enamels are removed, it exposes a more natural look. Then go back in with chipping, and basic highlights, and hopefully it works out!

Old Ultra/old World Eaters, new Crowe. A giant amongst giants.

At least the old World Eaters can be slightly dynamically posed and plopped on base details for added height.

This is how the size and cleanliness compares with some WIP Ultramarines (Eradicator front, and Heavy Intercessors rear.)

The Four Musketeers? All for one, one for the Blood God?

I really do prefer this look for these guys. It’s a fun alternative to a lot of ‘neat’ armies.

Crowe does not approve… and the World Eaters do not care.

Above is my WIP Crowe. I just wanted to put him beside the World Eaters. Since Crowe is not Primaris, and a ‘first born’ classic marine, he now represents the standard size we should see for all ‘first born’ in the future. (He is on a fairly tall base feature).

And that is pretty much how I intend on doing the World Eaters going forward. I anticipate a new codex… any year now!!!

Thanks for looking,


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