Heading into 2022 with Black Templars!

Here we go with a hobby update based on something I didn’t think I’d revisit (again)!

I sold off my original box set of Templar infantry figs that I painted, and ended up using the funding to inevitably buy this….

More stuff. Chaos not coming out? That’s fine, I got lots of black stuff to paint!

And so far I reworked my original recipe and wanted to go a little darker, a little more “Blanchitsu-ish”.

Not familiar with Blanchitsu? The above was the box art from the 3rd edition boxset that got me into the Templars originally.

So here’s the result:

A brighter picture.

So I realize now the picture doesn’t show a lot of the work on the armour and especially the pigment work. You can see a lot of the damage/sand pigment is on the armour, tabards, and cape of the Sword Brother:

More sword, gun, and armour damage as well.

Most of the highlighting has moved to zenithal, and mostly with shading, and less line work. I enjoy this way of doing ‘darker’ or ‘damaged’ marines and adds some realism.

The Sword Brother of the Crusader Squad:

That was a fairly time consuming squad, so I’m hoping to stream line some of the techniques to make the infantry a little more… manageable in the long run.

That’s it for now. Thanks for checking it out.


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