Black Templars Hobby Update: Sword Brethren and Castellan

Here comes a quick update on a lot of work I’ve been doing over the Christmas break. I’ve put a lot of hours in the Black Templars and it’s starting to show.

After doing a full sizeable squads, I felt confident enough to go after the Sword Brethren.

Amazing kits from Games Workshop. I love these Sword Brethren models.

I know (as of this writing) the Sword Brethren are under powered/over costed, but the squad is just a great look for the Black Templars.

Sticking with a darker, grimier look.

Two of the cooler dudes from the squad. I know the squad builds are quite limiting, but again thematically I think every Templars army needs these guys.

There’s some minor ‘upgrade’ bits in the squad, but this guy has sword you could use as the Sword of Judgement / Relic Sword. This is why I went with a ‘firey’ look to the blade over the colder steel I put on most of the power weapons. The heretic skull on a key chain thingy could be a lot of the relics as well.

The personal heraldry/shields give a good opportunity to personalize each model since there are only 5 in each box. Nothing says “Templars” like branding your own forehead.

Finally as an homage to my first Black Templars army I had to do up the Castellan with a Blanchitsu twist. Fond memories of those first Templars!

And a rather boring shot of the back of the cloak. Here’s the some of the weathering I’ve been doing… The other reason I’m showing this shot is the cloak on this guy, as well as the shoulder pads (and the cloaks on the Sword Brethren) are oil paints. I’ve been using a lot more mediums on this army than I typically use on any one army but I’ve been enjoying the results.

So at this point I’ve done 2 units of troops, the Sword Brethren and the Castellan. I think I am ready to tackle Helbrecht next!

Thanks for checking out the Templars! – Prot

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