Black Templars Hobby Update: High Marshall Helbrecht

What an amazing sculpt! As of now it is probably one of, if not the best marine sculpt in the game. (It just won 3rd best new miniature in the Games Workshop yearly poll.)

I felt after painting 3 squads of various Templars, it was time to take the plunge and do up Helbrecht!

Black Background..

He was a lot of work. I decided on matching him with the army, and going with a bit of that “Blanchitsu” look.

White Background

The baroque armour would be suitably weathered showing the age of a true relic. I enjoyed using oils on this mini which allowed me to get a bit funky with the colouring of the verdigris effect, the aged metallics, and I still got a great use out of the air brush on Helbrecht.

The High Marshal’s servitors get a great workout from cleaning the sword night and day!

The sword decision was based on how I’ve done the rest of the ‘black power swords’ in the army. But I wanted a slightly cold metallic look which would contrast the warmth of the armour and lighting. So I decided on a blend of contrast blues and turqoise.

The cape.

Likewise, the cape, though dark, would be a blend of turquoise, and purple contrast paints. ( Again providing a stronger contrast to the armour and base warmth.)

The Servitors frame Helbrecht nicely in the same cooler tones. I opted to leave the Ork out of the base for a few reasons. I just really liked the full sword as well.

I felt like the heretic on the backpack mount would take a lot of abuse and weathered it heavily. The gold armour was actually a lot more fun to do than I anticipated. (I guess all those custode armies I did finally paid off!!)

A few parting shots of the weathered cloak/back pack.

Just for size comparison; you get a sense of his base width, and size from this shot next to the Castellan. What a fantastic model to paint. Very time consuming and it will test your ability to showcase a lot of different materials, and surfaces.

Thanks for checking out Helbrecht! – Prot

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