Black Templars: Core Army Completed (including Characters)

I put every spare moment into this batch. My goal was to hit a good look with a core army of Assault Intercessors, Intercessors, a Crusader (primaris) Squad which covers the troops. Add in the unique Sword Brethren squad, and unique HQ choices, and you have a complete core Black Templars army to build on.

There’s a lot here… Infantry galore. Tons of bits from the multiple kits including the optional bitz add ons from GW are spread throughout the units.

A mixed shot of the new Castellan and the Intercessors.

New Intercessors:

The intercessors seem to be a safe troop choice.

The second troops unit is the Assault Inercessors giving some good choices for a few different Sergeant choices:

And of course the third option has to be a Primaris Squad:

After troops the unique Elite choice is the Sword Brethren squad. A lot of fun to put together and paint with a ton of options and great bits for other kits.

The detail pieces in the Sword Brethren kit are incredible.

Let’s have a look at the new trio of HQ’s:

An homage to “Blanchitsu”:

The Castellan was a lot of fun (and nostalgic) to paint:

Now for the new Emperor’s Champion:

And finally the big man Helbrecht!

And all together / group shots:

Thanks for having a look at the Black Templar hobby collection. – Prot

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